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The Waiting Life of Vampire Weekend

April 5th, 2010


Vampire Weekend may not be waiting to hit it big anymore after their latest album Contra landed at number one on the Billboard charts, but they still have to do their fair share of waiting while on the job.

Last Tuesday, while they were waiting to go on MOD, the boys reminisced about some of the most memorable times they have had while they were waiting to be on TV. “When we were on Letterman, Artie Lang was there,” drummer Chris Tomson remembers. “And when we were on SNL, Paul Simon stopped in to say hi.” The boys also appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien while the late night host was ending his run. “We went on the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios and we got to go on the tour.” Tomson says. “We tried to get out of that one,” lead singer Ezra Koenig says. “That was also when Ezra realized he really likes [Access Hollywood host] Billy Bush,” Tomson laughs.

The boys were in Toronto on Tuesday to play a show at Sound Academy and throw an after party at Wrongbar DJed by band member Chris Baio. It wasn’t the first time they have been in Toronto. They have some favourite spots they hit up while waiting between gigs like Kensington Market and the late night nosh hot-spot Sneaky Dees where they enjoy the hot wings. In the MuchMusic greenroom, the guys grazed on the cookie and veggie plate while Ezra played Tetris on his phone. “[Before a show] it is important to know when to stop eating,” keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij advised. “If it is an interview, we just go out and wing it,” Tomson said.

In the long run the boys for the most part seem to have a common thread with what they are waiting for. Koenig chimed in first with, “marriage.” “Being allowed to get married,” Rostam, an openly gay man, followed. But Chris Baio had something else in mind, “I’m waiting for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, coming out in 2012” he said. Rostam interjects, “That will definitely mark the end.”

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