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The Week In Jibba Jabba!

April 28th, 2006

OMG you guys! Hi.

The days were going by pretty slowly this week, gossip-wise anyway, when BIF! POW! BANG! We found out that Britney is officially pregnant with bebe number dos. Little Sean Preston is gonna have a sibling, y’all! I’m pushing for girl. This all of course makes us realize that Kevin has fathered four kids in about that many years. People haven’t done that kind of baby makin’ since the olden days! No, wait. T.I. knows about baby’s mamas, apparently.

Speaking of T.I., here’s a salacious tale about his involvement in a threesome. Not that rappers don’t do that kind of thing once in awhile (ha, ha), but it’s pretty interesting considering the fact that he’s supposed to be in a long term relationship with a member of Xscape – and she’s not involved. Scoundrel! Adorable, cheating scoundrel!

Snoop Dogg and his entourage were arrested at Heathrow Airport in London after an altercation involving 3 pit bulls, a bag of weed and a several hoes. Nooo, just kidding, it’s a lot more boring than that. After members of his enourage were denied access to the first class lounge, things got a little ugly and thus, the arrest. Tha Doggfather was released on bail without charge and is currently shameful of his boring criminal behaviour.

Jessica is devastated after Nick’s recent tell-all interviews in which he admitted that he felt “sucker punched” by her decision to divorce him. She didn’t think that he would be so forward about private details, and now she’s apparently heartbroken. Not that she didn’t break his heart already, but that’s neither here nor there.

Mandy Moore’s a little bit embarrassed about her Cosmopolitan magazine cover. See, it says “Orgasms Unlimited” right by her face. And it’s not like she’s a prude or anything, but apparently her parents frame all her covers and put them on a wall, and you know, when grandparents come over they might get a little huffy.

Did you know that Heather Locklear and Denise Richards were close friends? I sure didn’t. How wack is it that Heather and Richie are getting divorced cause Richie done went and fell in love with Denise? Dammit, everybody knows The Rules.

People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue hits the stands today, with Angelina on the cover. I, for one, am absolutely SHOCKED that they’ve upped it from 50 people to 100. No, I’m not. I just said that. If you want to feel slightly insecure about yourself, buy the issue!

Lata, foos.

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