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There’s a petition for a full-length version of Jay Z and Beyonce’s Run

May 20th, 2014


It seems anything is possible with the power of the internet. Fans of Beyonce and Jay Z have launched an online petition for the two to make a full-length version of their short mock trailer Run.

“After the release of Beyoncé and JAY Z’s RUN trailer which was released on May 18th, 2014, millions of fans across the world became devastated after seeing ‘coming never’ at the end of the exciting and action packed RUN trailer,” the petition which has over 1500 signature reads.

Beyonce and Jay Z released the trailer over the weekend which featured appearances by Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Don Cheadle, Rashida and Kidada Jones, and Jake Gylennhaal. The film served as promotion for their joint summer On The Run tour.

Check out the faux-trailer below:

I’m all for a real version of Run but unfortunately through the flashy shots of money, stripping, guns, and running from the cops there was no definite story line. Luckily for you Bey and Jay, I took the liberty of writing a full synopsis for you. You’re welcome.

Beyoncé is a beauty queen and preacher’s daughter from Third Ward, Texas, who has big dreams and an even bigger voice. She moves to New York with her best friend Blake Lively to make it in the big city. In New York with no money Beyoncé is forced to take a job performing at a strip club called “Single Ladies”. Stripping is hardly what Beyoncé believed she would be doing, but at least she’s performing. The only thing that gets her through the skimpy outfits and the groping men is her dream of being pop music’s biggest superstar.

One day while tending to the questionable clientele at “Single Ladies” Beyoncé is forced to deal with a sleazy, overly-friendly customer, Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake won’t take no for an answer and follows Bey to the back alley and attacks her. Things get rough for poor Beyoncé, as Jake pushes her up against the wall and begins to sexually assault her. Suddenly Jake is pushed off Beyoncé and shoved to the ground. Beyoncé looks up to see her savior; none other than Jay Z. Jay Z is a no-holds-barred rapper turned gangster who is ruthless and callous. Jay Z barely lets Jake escape, but little does he know Jake plans on getting revenge on the man who cost him Beyoncé. Jay Z turns to Beyoncé and it is love at first sight. He has never seen someone as beautiful as her before. Beyoncé, grateful to Jay, hops on the back of his motorcycle as he spends the night showing her his city: Brooklyn.


Beyoncé believes she has found the one; the man to save her from her stripper life and help make her the Queen she knows she is. And Jay Z is enamored by Beyoncé, and finally believes he found the beauty to tame him. Unfortunately Jay is hiding a secret from Beyoncé. He is a member of New York’s most notorious gang: Roc Nation.

Slowly Jay brings Beyoncé into his world of guns, drugs, and bank robbing. At first Beyoncé is hesitant of her new lifestyle but she is just so in love with Jay, and overtime, gets a secret high from every bank heist. Her life now consists of copious amounts of alcohol, money, drugs, sex, and music, because the only thing Jay Z and Beyoncé do better than rob banks is make music.


Unfortunately not everyone believes in Jay and Bey’s love. Blake Lively believes Jay Z has corrupted Beyoncé, and turned her once innocent best friend into someone she hardly recognizes anymore. And Jay Z’s best friend and fellow gang member Don Cheadle doesn’t approve of Beyoncé. Don and Jay are like brothers, growing up on the streets together, and now he believes Beyoncé is too much for Jay. She’s making him weak, and forcing him to lose focus on his job. But neither of them listens to their friends as they are both drunk in love.

Bey and Jay continue their scandalous life, but after a bank robbery gone wrong Beyoncé is arrested. With the help of two lovable prostitutes, Rashida and Kidada Jones, Beyoncé escapes jail and returns to Jay. Now Beyoncé has had enough, she wants out of the gang business. Unfortunately leaving Roc Nation isn’t as easy as it seems. Jay Z is too valuable, and gang leader and mentor Sean Penn won’t let him leave without a price. Jay knows the only way to keep Beyoncé is to leave behind his scarlet past which means he’ll have to do the one thing he never thought he’d do: betray his Roc Nation family.


Jay Z uses the robbery of the elusive Def Jam Bank as an opportunity to finally rid himself of Roc Nation, and runs off with all the money. Finally Jay and Bey can live in peace and go back to their dreams that brought them to New York. Unfortunately Sean Penn knows of Jay’s betrayal and sends his number one henchman, Guillermo Diaz, after him. Also, a resilient cop, Emmy Rossum, has been following Jay for years now and believes Beyoncé is the key to finally bringing down the gangster. Now with a group of gang members, a cop, and a vengeful thug, yes Jake Gyllenhaal is back, Jay Z must take his naughty girl Beyoncé and flee the town he loved so much. But could their love affair handle life on the run?


Can you imagine how awesome this movie will be? It’ll be like Spring Breakers meets The Town with a little bit of Coyote Ugly and a dash of Glee, because you know Beyoncé will have a elaborate musical number. Please let this movie happen.

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