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These Celebs have some talented siblings

June 20th, 2014


Everyone knows Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but no one really knows their siblings. You’d be surprised by the number of celebrities that have equally talented brothers and sisters. And often times these siblings are really good looking. Bonus!


Ariana Grande’s older brother Frankie Grande is a super hyper version of his sister. He is a former Broadway performer and YouTube personality. And he will be coming to television screens soon. Frankie was just cast in the new season of Big Brother.


Austin Swift is the younger brother of country singer Taylor. He is a student at Notre Dame and a professional photographer that freelances for Getty images.


Katy Perry’s younger brother David Hudson is just as musical as his big sister. The 25 year-old is the lead singer of the band HUDSON. He can sing and he’s a total cutie.


Christian Long is Justin Long’s younger brother and his look-a-like. He’s an actor/producer and was in Justin’s movie Accepted, and worked on the movie Hop.


Kate and Pippa’s brother James isn’t as well-known as his sisters. He stays out of the spotlight and owns a cake making business. A man that can bake, yum.


Stella Hudgens is a carbon copy of her big sister Vanessa. She followed in her footsteps and is an actress as well, although she hasn’t acted in anything of substance so far.


Shannon Leto: You may have noticed Jared Leto’s younger brother Shannon cheering him on at the Oscars. Shannon is also a member of Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars.


Beauty must be in the Watson genes. Emma’s brother Alex prefers to pose for the camera rather than act. He’s a model with Storm agency, and was in a Burberry ad with his sister in 2010.

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