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This honest trailer for Game Of Thrones is spot-on

April 2nd, 2014


Wow, you don’t really realize how many bewbs are shown in Game of Thrones until you see all the scenes back-to-back!

Screen Junkie has released an Honest Trailer for first three seasons the HBO fantasy drama, and it has all the betrayal and name-forgetting fans of the series are accustomed to. There’s also a brief rundown of the show’s nudity (interrupted by some pesky black bars).

The trailer does a great job pointing out the frustrations with which viewers are no doubt familiar, referring George R. R. Martin as “fiction’s most notorious serial killer” while taking aim at all those smart-asses who read the books first and think they’re soooo great. Also, of course, bewbs bewbs bewbs.

But even better is the spoiler-free version, which had to blur out at least half of the scenes (and arguably missed a couple) to avoid giving anything away.

Really though, any good fan knows that it’s your own damn responsibility to stay caught up. And, just a reminder, you have until this Sunday to do so! Game of Thrones’ fourth season starts April 6th, so prepare yourself.


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