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These Kids Wear Crowns ask, ‘Haiku You Doin?’

September 15th, 2010

Alex. These Kids. Tour Blog One! OH!

What’s up blog world and Internet fans! These Kids are coming to you from Alan’s brother’s house in Kelowna. Well it’s actually Winfield. But no one actually knows this place exists.

We are three dates into our tour and things get continually better. We started with 5000+ peeps at Deer Lake in Burnaby, BC, so you can only imagine how things have grown! Backstage and onstage, this experience continues to get better and better. San Sebastian and Hedley are not only amazing dudes, but they know how to kill it on stage. I think anyone who is coming out to these shows is going to have one heck of a time! And we are very excited to meet Lights in a few shows :) We are all going to look our most best for the Astro Girl of Pop!

Look forward to: Inter-band interviews! A photo shoot tour photo update! Tour Video Update Go! And a soon-to-be-thought-of contest to win a signed These Kids EP! Check our twitters for more on that!

Below is a Haiku from each member of this experience describing their thoughts of tour thus far.


These Kids

Alex Johnson – @AlexanderTKWC

You guys are much fun.
Alan needs to check himself,
‘fore he wrecks himself.

Matt Vink – @TKWCMatt

Hedley is so good.
Purple monkey dishwasher.
Our fans are crazy.

Alan Poettcker – @TKWCAlan

Only three shows in
these shin splints are killing me.
Need to drop twenty.

Gypsy McDaniel – @TKWCGypsy

Haiku’s are so neat.
But sometimes they don’t make sense.
Mitch Party. Mitch Part.

Joe Porter – @JoeTKWC

One two three four five.
One two three four five six sev.
And then there is eight.

Josh Mitchinson – @TWCJosh

Dude I can’t write a
Haiku someone write it for
me. Drum on Casey.

Mitch Rutherford – FOH/Tour Manager – @MitchRutherford

On my phone all day
arranging tour lights and sound.
Making dreams come true.

Brett Hutton – Cotton Tech – @BrettHutton

Awoke in a van.
Gypsy had a dream we fought.
This is a Haiku.

For more tour pics check out our Tumblr!

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