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These Kids Wear Crowns finish their first cross-Canada tour!

October 6th, 2010

These Kids here. Home again after our last date in Mississauga, ON for the ‘The Show Must Go’ tour with Hedley, Lights and San Sebastian. Mississauga reminded me a lot of Mississippi. The word, I’ve never been there. Except with a different ending.

Which is fitting, as this is the end. Not of TKWC or any of the other bands, but of our first journey together across the Great White Hype that is Canada. It hasn’t snowed yet, but you can tell it really wants to. It’s cold enough. In a wonderful way.

This experience has been mind blowing! We have been having the time of our lives. I know I say that almost every blog, but seriously, our lives have never been bester. San Sebastian and us became tight as a group of finger traps. They are a great crew of bro’s, who we can brodown with at any bro moment. Classy, intelligent bro’s with bro mentalities. Seriously though, thanks for the memories boys! Hope to make many more with you in the future!

Lights was and is of course mind blowing in many ways. We never got to hang out with her as much as the boys from SS did, but we definitely think she is as gorgeous as she is talented and kind. A genuine sweetie! The Space Princess of Pop. Sarah, don’t think we forgot about you! You’re as amazing as you are beautiful :P

And naturally, the boys from Hedley. Nay! MEN of Hedley! Rock Icons. Legendary stage presence. Crowd control 101. They showed us a great time and we have to say from the bottom of our hearts, we shout out at the top of our lungs, THANKS SO MUCH! Crew included. You were all oustanding and exceptional. This will be a tough experience to top. Nuff said.

Now, confession: I never got around to interviewing Dave. He’s a busy man and I procrastinate. Anyways, I thought that what I could do was include some pics from our music video for Skeletons, which we filmed while out in Toronto! We did it with the same crew that we made Break It Up with, so we are super excited to see how it turns out! Here goes!

Oh yea, before I go, thanks to all y’all who came out on tour. Our first arena experience was a blast because you made it that way. Hope we can do it again sometime.

And I’ll be coming back soon with a paragraph or so from each band member about what everyone thought about tour, including our videographer Adam Besse and our Tour Manager Mich Rutherford.


Alex These Kids

Classic Poettcker.

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