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Things From 1984 That Are Still Killin’ It

August 28th, 2014

much 1984

It’s no secret that Much has a birthday coming up. We’re not one of those friends that gets rid of Facebook and then acts sad when you forget their birthday (should have kept Facebook). We’ve been talking about our birthday. A lot.

We’re even putting together the best moments from our past three decades. It’s also a lot…a lot of awesome! We gave it a name. Much 30th. And it has a date. Saturday, August 30 at 9E/6P. A 30-year special on the 30th. Sometimes we even impress ourselves.

Much launched in 1984, which was a pretty incredible year. Maybe you were born that year. Maybe you got your first kiss that year. Maybe you’re the result of a first kiss that happened that year. Whatever your affiliation is to the year George Orwell warned us about, we know one thing – it was a good time.

From movies to TV to music to toys and everything in-between, 1984 launched some pretty massive stars and is still having an impact on pop culture today. Here are some things that were born in 1984 and are still the coolest.


Now we call them hipsters. Back in 1984, they got revenge and showed the world that it’s good to be nice to the smarty-pants kid. They’ll be the bossy-pants adult in a few years. They usually know a lot of cool facts, can hold conversations, and won’t stop being your friend if you wear the wrong shirt. Watch Revenge of The Nerds on Monday, September 1 at 8:30E/5:30P on Much to see what we mean.



The first version of the Transformers launched in 1984 with a three-part miniseries. It’s been thirty years and we still can’t get enough of cars that turn into robots.


Cop Movies

From 22 Jump Street to Let’s Be Cops, we never turn down funny people in uniform. Thanks to films like Beverly Hills Cop , Beverly Hills Cop 2, and Beverly Hills Cop 3, which you can watch this Sunday starting at 5:30E/2:30P on Much, we have decades of coppers giving us the right to remain entertained.


Canadians In Space

Thirty years ago, Marc Garneau became the first Canadian to fly in space as part of Shuttle Mission 41-G. We still loving seeing our Canucks flying high.


The Cosby Show

We checked (see video below) and Dr. Huxtable is still killin’ it.

Movies About School

Many of us spend our lives dreading school, but we all seem to love watching movies about it. Weird, right? From learning wizardry at Hogwarts to being Saved By The Bell at Bayside to becoming a police officer in Police Academy, depictions of different types of schools are just as popular now as they were in 1984. Watch Police Academy 1 & 2 starting at 9:30E/6:30P on Much this Saturday.


The MTV Music Awards

The first airing of the MTV Music Awards took place in 1984. Obviously, we still love them.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Illustrators Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman began a mail-order system out of Laird’s living room to sell their comic book about pizza-eating, crime-fighting ninja turtles. The latest installment in the TMTN franchise was released this year and starred Megan Fox and Will Arnett. Cowabunga!



We like us. In celebration of Much’s 30th Anniversary we’re going to be looking at plenty of amazing footage all month long. Keep up with the great anniversary content on and by using the hashtag #ForeverYoung. Our special presentation of Much 30 premieres this Saturday, August 30 at 9E/6P.

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