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Things We’re Just Not Sure About in Jason Derulo’s Wiggle Video

May 21st, 2014

Wiggle Video

Jason Derulo has released his video for Wiggle, and just as you would suspect with a video named Wiggle, it has a lot of questionable moments. We’ve broken them all down and frankly, just aren’t sure how to feel about all this Wiggle-ing business.

1. This ice sculpture made to look like a woman’s body.


2. This guy drinking water out of the butt of the ice sculpture made to look like a woman’s body.


3. Snoop Dogg’s grill, which could be an athletic mouth guard, or a piece of Juicy Fruit, or a Fruit Roll Up…


4. This guy who goes streaking through the video.


5. The plausibility of anyone waking up surrounded by this many beautiful women, even if it is Jason Derulo.


6. This woman who was hiding underneath the covers and half naked women.


7. This ensemble made from dollar bills.


8. Trying to make ‘ham sandwich’ work.


Check out the full questionable video for Jason Derulo’s Wiggle below. Wiggle wiggle.

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