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Things You Miss When You Leave Canada

July 1st, 2014

Things to Miss In Canada

We may be a bit biased (sorry), but in our opinion, Canada is the greatest country in the world (sorry again). While it seems crazy that anyone would ever leave, sometimes the winds take us elsewhere.

In celebration of Canada Day and all those enjoying July 1st away from home, let’s remember how great this country is…and the ridiculous things you miss when you leave.

It’s really easy to tell our bills and coins apart.


The most delicious chip flavour ever created by man.


You’ll miss drinking Swiss Chalet sauce.

Swiss Chalet

And milk out of bags. It tastes better this way.


Learning to drive and learning a second language happen at the same time.

Stop Signs

Delicious poutine in many restaurants.

Harveys poutine

All of the deals with your holiday gift certificates.


Knowing that these are Rockets.


And these are Smarties.


Watching Much and all the goodies that come with it.

Much Dance

The greatest dessert of all time.


Not having to argue with people that famous celebs are Canadian.

Jim Carrey

I can’t even talk about how difficult this separation has been.


Happy Canada Day!



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