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This Might Be The Grossest Thing We’ve Ever Seen Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Do

July 28th, 2014


Jon Hamm is one of the most attractive actors on TV as the star of Mad Men, but even we must admit that we almost gagged watching the following sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In this reoccurring bit, Fallon and his guest (in this case, Hamm) flashback to an old TV show they starred in together and proceed to eat and spit food in each other’s faces while REALLY enunciating their words.

The show, called Palisades Park Pet Patrol, finds two park rangers (Fallon and Hamm) chowing down on snacks while discussing porcupines and debating which is better, Hawaiian Punch or PBR. Things start off okay, with the two chomping down on chips and pretzels but quickly escalate to a slew of pretty disgusting things including whipped cream, milkshakes and the aforementioned Hawaiian Punch, which almost looked a little gorey gushing down Hamm’s beard.

Watch the hilarious but gross clips below. We hope you’ve already eaten your breakfast.

“What’s that? One more clip? …Roll it.”

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