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This Subway Singer is An Angel Sent From Above

July 25th, 2014


This video of a lady singing in a New York City subway station has gone viral and it will totally make you believe in a higher power. The cellphone video features the unknown woman singing Beyonce’s hit song Halo. Now normally it would be considered blasphemous to have someone sing Queen Bey’s holy hymn, but this woman is clearly filled with Beysus’ holy spirit. Her angelic voice fills the subway station and it’s patrons with love and hope. May Beyonce bless your soul, beautiful songstress.

The Patron Saint Of Subways was spotted again, spreading the good word through her voice. This time she chose to sing from the Gospel of Alicia Keys. New York City has a serial subway singer and it’s amazing. Hopefully more videos of this songstress pop up.

Sadly not everyone is gifted with this woman’s talented voice. Usually people aren’t fortunate enough to witness such wonderful singing while on public transit. How awkward is it riding the bus with someone butchering Rihanna? Well that’s exactly what happened in London. This video of a guy singing Take Care by Rihanna and Drake will definitely make you cringe and think twice about singing out loud.

So the lesson we all learned today is: unless you have the voice of an angel do not, under any circumstance, sing in public.

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