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This Video Perfectly Depicts What It Feels Like To Mistakenly Hit ‘Delete’

August 15th, 2014

Delete button blues

We’ve all been there. We’re trying to clean out folders. We need room on our Cloud to download the new Hilary Duff album. We are moving our thumbs faster than our brains and hit something by mistake. No matter the scenario, everyone at some point has deleted something by mistake. It’s the worst.

quiet sad

Everything begins moving in slow motion, like the Matrix, but instead of seeing yourself do something really cool, you see yourself do something super dumb.

slow sad

The anger kicks in and you begin looking around for someone or something to lash out at. But for every finger pointing out, you have three pointing back. Or something like that. You screwed up.

really upset right now

You try to go about your day and move on, but you can’t.

sad in the rian

Eventually, you must accept that today is gonna kinda blow.

acceptance sad

This is the fate that awaited a young girl who found herself suddenly and violently ripped from the world where technology is fun and carefree.

Four-year-old Cadence now knows what true pain feels like. The tiny tot mistakenly deleted a picture of her uncle and learned a hard lesson in the reality of growing up in the technology age. The ‘delete’ button is fast and real and can really crap on your day.

Here is Cadence pleading with her uncle to ‘send another picture’ and right her wrong. Oh Cadence, we feel you gurl.

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