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Thrusday Throw Down

February 4th, 2010

Gerard and Frances

* Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain, is recording a duet with My Chemical Romances Gerard Way. Fingers crossed she takes after them in talent and not in chemical dependence.

* The house used for the first season of Jersey Shore is available for rent for $6,500 a night. So, just to be clear, if I pay $6,500, do I get punched by JWoww, creeped on by The Situation and get to wear Snooki’s orange slippers? Cuz if that’s the case, $6,500 is a steal!

* Not everyone loves Justin Bieber. A Facebook club made up of Bieber-haters is trying to get more friends than Justin’s fan Facebook club. Justin is currently at 1.5 million members, while the hater club, called “Can this onion ring get more fans that Justin Bieber” is at 918,000 members. Are we talking about an A & W onion ring, or an onion ring from Harvey’s? Big difference here, people.

* Jack White says that the new Dead Weather album should be ready for release in April and will be “bluesier and heavier than we ever thought.” Rock on, brotha!

* The New York Times has run a study on injuries sustained while people are talking and texting. In 2008, over 1000 American’s ended up in the hospital after injuring themselves while walking and texting on their cell phones. If this happens to you, firstly, I’m sorry. Secondly, make up a cooler story on how you got hurt.

* Facebook is six years old today. Facebook: Creeping on your ex’s since 2004.

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