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Tonight Damian quits The Wedge to become a pro Tweeter!

January 16th, 2013

Recently, the almighty Pitchfork released its list of the greatest musical twitters for 2012 and little ol’ me is on it. And well, tonight on The Wedge, it goes to my head and I quit the show to focus on my tweeting career. We also have amazing music like Major Lazer and The Courtneys on the show, plus Cam has an audition to replace me… like he ever could!!!!!!!!!

But seeing as the show is Twitter-inspired, I wanted to bring you back to a time before the internet was dominated by the curse of 140 character brevity fascism. When people looked at the internet as a place to store reams of info. This is my list of the my favourite record collecting websites:

Collector Scum – Where’d You Find That?!
This whole site is an amazing resource for anyone with even a passing interest in independent America music, but what I love most on the site is the galleries: like this one of even RARE versions on insanely rare records… Is anyone else getting aroused talking about this?

Break My Face
Ryan Richardson is revered by some record collectors as a god. For years he has been an incredible archivist of punk music and this site is a testament to some of that scholarship. The essays found here about these punk bands can inspire even the most jaded musicians as you read about bands doing it for no other reason then they felt compelled to make music.

Mutant Sounds
Every time I think I know a ton about music I read this site and I feel like a kid who just downloaded his first Arcade Fire mp3.

The Wedge airs every Wednesday at 11:30 PM EST. Follow us on Twitter at @MUCHTheWedge.

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