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Top 10 Fave Love Songs of the Year

February 4th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is only ten days away and while this means discount candy in eleven day, it also means that we should be sharing our feelings with our loved ones. Or our lust ones. Or the ones we have been casually stalking on Facebook and haven’t actually told that we want to make them the Kanye to our Kim.

Whether you have a significant other or are hoping to be significant to a certain someone, we’ve got your playlist ready. Check out our Top 10 Fave Love Songs of the past year and get your swoon-worthy moves ready.

10. I Found You, The Wanted

9. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen

8. Take Care, Drake feat. Rihanna

7. Feel So Close, Calvin Harris

6. Home, Phillip Phillips

5. Boyfriend, Justin Bieber

4. Kiss You Inside Out, Hedley

3. Give Me Love, Ed Sheeran

2. One Thing, One Direction

1. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself), Ne-Yo

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  • @ragingsarcastic MTV is doing it too?

  • @noworkzone @alyankovic You're SO welcome. Say hi to Calgary for us.

  • RT @gemstonefeather: Weird Al all morning on much? hell yes.

  • @elirdar @alyankovic No, YOU rock.

  • RT @realfatapollo: Perfect day to have off. Weird Al marathon on @Much

  • @alyankovic Amazing. By the way...we're in the middle of a six-hour AL-a-thon on our channel. Your videos only. No foolin'!

  • This isn't the first time @alyankovic has taken over our airwaves. But who's complaining?

  • RT @kaylawinkler: This Weird Al marathon on @Much is the highlight of the day today.

  • @Mama_Mitchell We're a TV station and he's the only thing we're playing right now.

  • RT @TedStarkey: There's a Weird Al marathon on MuchMusic. First hockey leading SportsCentre, now I'm not sure what is real anymore.

  • RT @kelbottweets: Much Music is playing an old school Weird Al marathon... 🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂 #CanadianPSA

  • RT @jltanaleon: Yas!Weird Al Yankovic videos on Much music! Prime elementary school stuff brings me so much gr5 memories

  • RT @notactuallyzach: .@Much is playing all Weird Al as if this is some kinda prank, but the jokes on them because I love it

  • RT @caseyjoloos: the worst insomnia but @Much is playing weird al videos forever for april fools and best part - most kids have no idea who…

  • @notactuallyzach Not as a prank! We're turning April Fool's Day into Al Day.

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