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Top 10 websites to waste time on

December 21st, 2010

Are you already sick of sleeping in, watching TV all day and playing ‘guess that smell’ only to realize it’s you after not showering in three days? Yeah, winter break is awesome. What’s awesomer (I made a word, deal with it) are ridonkulous websites to waste time surfing. Let’s get this procrastination business open, mmmkay?

Whoever says we don’t play favourites is a fibber and probably not getting anything good from Santa. But why wouldn’t we put our site at the top of the list? It’s the bee’s knee’s (look it up, it’s an actual saying). There is soooooo much fun and free schtuff to check out on that you’ll need an extra week of holidays just to get through everything! Get to know our new VJs and check out amazing performances from Stereos and Finger Eleven right here on the New.Music.Live. page. Watch episodes of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Hellcats, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Rockville, Liz Online, My Date With and more right here! Get caught up on Season 10 of Degrassi, including episodes, interviews, blog posts, recaps and exclusive content right here! Listen to fresh new music in First Spins and watch the latest music videos here. Like free stuff? Us too! That’s why our Contest section is definitely worth a look.

I Can Haz Cheezburger

Cats are cool and all, but cats with their inner monologue on display? The coolest.

My Parents Joined Facebook

It’s a reality that we all may face someday. The dreaded friend request from your mom and dad. Mark Zuckerberg and his billions did not prepare me for this. Homeslice needs to create some sort of Mortification Support Group.

Virtual Tour of New York City

Hola to my Gossip Girl peeps out there! Wanna know where Serena goes for all her hook ups, Blair goes for all her conniving and Dan goes to…what does Dan do? Check out this super cool tour of NYC!

Stuff On My Cat

I’d really like to see some kind of pie chart that breaks down exactly how many websites/blog posts/gifs are about cats.


Etsy is a super cool online collective of artists from all over the world who make original and unique pieces. Type in your location and start searching for a cool new hat, piece of jewellery and more! Wish you had peanut and jam cell phone charms? Like unicorns, they do exist.


A simple blog has turned into a world-wide phenomenon. Every Sunday PostSecret is updated with new secrets sent from people all over the world. Books, school tours and hundreds of thousands raised in money for charity, this is a time waster that is worth your time.

Apple Trailers

If you’re like me (you lucky devil, you) then you like to spend minutes upon minutes watching movie trailers. Apple has a great collection of trailers in HD. Oh Apple, is there anything you do that isn’t purdy? My fave trailer right now is for the film Take Me Home Tonight. Apparently the 80s didn’t suck as much as we thought.

Fail Blog

We live in a world with so much fail that there is an entire blog devoted to it. Grammatical erros, incestuous puns and overall offensive material all at the click of a mouse.

Totally Looks Like

Ever notice that a tumbleweed looks like Ke$ha? How about Sidney Crosby being a twin for Andy Samberg? Or how about me being mistake for Gisele Bunchen? Okay, one of these may be fake.

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