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Top Ten Words of 2009

December 14th, 2009


Yea, I know, another one of those lists of 2009. What can I say? It’s tradition, give me a break! Now how someone managed to create this list, I’m not sure who or what would have the time but with the technology these days, anything is quite possible. The Global Language Monitor has pronounced “Twitter” as the most used word of 2009 in the English speaking world.

The top ten words of 2009 include Twitter, Obama, H1N1, Stimulus, Vampire, 2.0, Deficit, Hadron, Healthcare, and Transparency. I can see where some of the words come from such as Twitter being the breakout social media networking site of the year, Obama and his award of the Nobel Peace Prize, the outbreak of H1N1 putting everyone in a panic, and the vampire (insert first thought here – ROBERT PATTINSON + GIRL SHRIEKK!) scene continued to dominate from the first release of the Twilight Saga: Twilight, which sprawled out to TV shows such as True Blood and Vampire Diaries. What is surprising about this is that I would have expected more entertainment related words but it really seems like people were into politics this year.

The top ten phrases of 2009 made me laugh with sayings such as “Jai Ho” (number eight phrase) and the Mayan calendar (number nine). Of course the number one phrase was “King of Pop,” which was no surprise. Again, other phrases were more in the political field such as public option (number seven) and Obama-mania (number two). I’m sure you can predict who is on the top ten names of 2009. Hint: it starts with an O and rhymes with mama!

Anyways, the spotlight is supposed to be on Twitter. If you have been living in a cave during this year and didn’t have time to tweet, Twitter is a site where people have “the ability to encapsulate a thought in 140 characters.” It’s much like your Facebook status updates but way more interesting and funny. I don’t know about you, but some of those trending topics helped me get through a lonely Friday night… *ahem. In the spirit of the holiday season, us Twitter-ers, start up conversations on “If Santa was black…” The Twitter family has no shame.

Along with the trending topics, there are definitely some ‘influential’ celebrities on Twitter. The most popular person on Twitter is Ashton Kutcher. Yeah, I know, say who? He is certainly lacking on the Hollywood scene but with 4 114 256 followers, he is able to promote anything he wants. I only started following Ashton because I heard he tweeted about one of the many people I watch on YouTube. When celebs tweet about something you have access to, say YouTube, and promoting artists on there that lack views, it makes me happy to know that they are down to earth people too. (Aww corny) Britney Spears come next with 3 973 703 followers (she is following ME! *squeal) and Ellen DeGeneres in third place with 3 896 096. In the words of Ellen, “Many of you are following me and that is very nice of you but I still don’t know where we are going…”

Twitter can be either the hot chocolate on a cold winter day or the burn book from Mean Girls. It is more like a character rather than a site. It’s like a friend who loves to make you laugh, give you all the 411 from Tila Tequila’s engagement/future pregnancy to Miley Cyrus’ emo tweets, or start drama with whomever. Imagine someone with a really big brain, powerful mouth, and long nails. (Monster?)

What do you think about Twitter? Do you have an account? How do you feel about people who tweet? Let me know what you think at (hello, shameless plug!). Let us see where Twitter takes us in 2010!

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