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August 3rd, 2007


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Whoever voted for Toronto as the city that should be added to the Spice Girls’ upcoming world tour, I want to give you all bone-crushing bear hugs. I want to send you individually decorated rainbow cupcakes. I want to take you out for dinner at the finest macaroni & cheese restaurants on the planet. Why? Because TORONTO HAS BEEN NAMED SPICE CITY! Yuh huh, oh yes they dee-id (snap, snap) – Scary, Sporty, Posh, Baby and Ginger are bringing their sass ‘n class to Toronto in January!

To celebrate, there shall be viewing parties of “Spice World”, my Spice Girls gum sticker collection will come out of hiding and make appearances on my various gadgets and of course, we’re going to storm the ticket counter with torches and pitchforks and platform shoes. THIS RULES!!!

Oh, and by the by, it should be noted and celebrated that our pals in the West coast will get their own brand of Spicy treats when the ladies perform in Vancouver, too!

PS: January is an excruciating 6 months away, but you can still get yo’ Spice on with our AXS playlist!! What videos do you wanna see on the list?

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