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#trending: Back-To-School Fashion & Shark Night 3-D

September 6th, 2011

It’s the first day of school (well, for most of you) and I hope you will all have a great week and really kick it off in style! How hard was it to decide what to wear today? It took me half an hour today just to get dressed for work (I wanted to wear white jeans but wasn’t sure if that whole “no white after Labour Day” rule applied) so I can’t imagine how stressful it would’ve been for me to pick out a “back to school” outfit! Hopefully you all caught this weekend’s episode of #trending to pick up a few tips. We loved shooting our “back to school” fashion story at Roots. Their new varsity collection is totally cool and we love how it combines a little bit of preppy with a little bit of retro. And those varsity jackets have been seen on everyone from Drake to Rihanna (not to mention the cast of “Glee”) so you know it’s definitely #trending!

A lot of people have also been asking about our interview with the cast of “Shark Night: 3D.” Did you catch the movie this weekend? If you thought sharks were scary, imagine them leaping out toward you in 3D! It’s definitely a fun flick to watch with your friends (just make sure they’re not squeamish!). We loved hanging out with Sara Paxton and Dustin Milligan here at MuchMusic and they confessed it was definitely a lot of work to shoot a horror film. Case in point: Dustin showed us a nasty scar on his arm that was the result of a stunt on set. As for the fashion, well, the movie’s about a group of friends vacationing by the lake, so there wasn’t much in terms of wardrobe except for shorts and bikinis! Sara said she would spend entire days wearing nothing but a tiny bikini shooting scenes in the water. Though it was awkward at first, she said she was really comfortable with the crew and quickly got over it. She didn’t look uncomfortable at all in the film if you ask me…well… except for the part where the shark sneaks up from behind her and—oops, I don’t want to spoil it for you!

That’s it from me for now… I hope you liked this weekend’s episode of #trending. As always, feel free to email me your suggestions at And don’t forget, you can tweet your video picks for our countdown and your ideas @trendingtheshow. Have a great week!

Thanks for tuning in! Talk to you soon!


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