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TSC Episode 11: Cassie VS. Faye VS. The Secret Circle

January 13th, 2012

Oh, it was ON this week! All Cassie does is whine about how her dark magic is such a burden. But Faye, apparently, can handle almost killing people on a daily basis, and decides she’s going to use her new BFF Lee Lebaque to help her steal Cassie’s power.

It was Faye versus Cassie in the face-off we’ve been dying to see since the show started!

Find out how it all went down below, and don’t miss an all-new The Secret Circle Friday @ 9PM ET on MuchMusic!

Cassie’s got dark magic. She doesn’t know how to control it. We get it. We even feel a little sorry for the girl. When you can’t turn your best friend’s party dress from black to red without setting it on fire, then what’s the point of even being a witch I ask?

So Cassie sets out to try and find out more about her father. And do we ever get a shocker. It turns out John Blackwell’s last known address was….the ram-shackled house they’ve been hanging out in since the season premiere!

The circle’s been practicing magic in the very home of a dark witch. WHOA!!

After exploring the house in more detail, Cassie finds a symbol which relates to dark magic carved in the basement. And there’s a picture of said symbol in her mother’s book of shadows. Except the page with all the symbol’s deets was torn out by Faye earlier in the season.

So where is this page? In the hands of Lee Lebaque. After he screwed her over last week, Lee Lebaque proves to Faye that he knows all about witches. So they agree to help each other…without Lee saying what he wants in return.

Not a good way to make a deal Faye. And you’d see that if you weren’t so hell-bent on stealing Cassie’s powers. Which she does blindly, and doesn’t notice Lee stealing a bit of her blood without her consent.

Chance Harbour High (or whatever it’s called) is throwing a Fire & Ice Ball, which is the perfect setting for Faye’s spell to go wrong.

Instead of stealing Cassie’s powers, Lee’s spell starts stealing the rest of the circle’s powers instead. With Diana, Adam and Melissa down for the count, Cassie finally faces off against Faye and gets her to realize she’s killing the rest of the circle.

Not to mention Faye can’t control that amount of power by herself any better than Cassie can…and the entire school starts to burn down!

Everyone gets out safely…including Cassie and Melissa, who are saved by a recently returned Jake! Faye reverses Lee’s spell…but doesn’t break ties with him. I think she’s gonna try something even more stupid in the future…and she’ll need his help.

Later the destruction of the dance is digested, Diana and Melissa put the entire episode into perspective. Both Cassie and Faye are becoming uncontrollable when it comes to magic…and it’s getting dangerous.

Dun Dun Dun…..

Oh, and Diana is totally not over Adam. Poor thing cried when he asked her to talk to Cassie about dating him. WHAT A JERK!

And then Adam tries to kiss Cassie in her dead father’s evil house. Except Jake walks in. AWKWARD!

Here’s what’s happening next week on The Secret Circle:

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. JOIN THE CIRCLE:

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