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TSC Episode 12: And Then She Found A Necklace…

January 20th, 2012

First, Cassie Blake’s mom died. Then she discovered she’s a witch. Once she finally made some friends, Cassie was told she’s destined to be with Adam, Faye doesn’t like her, she’s the daughter of a dark witch, she has dark magic inside her and witch hunters are trying to kill her.

Aaaaaand then she found a locket.

Which opens up a whole new door – no, an entire hallway FULL of doors - of possibilities! Finally, the mystery of what happened to their parents and why there’s a war with the witch hunters are finally addressed when Cassie and Jake take a walk through Jake’s subconscious, and find out what went down the night their parents were killed.

Check out what impact the memory of a young Jake Armstrong means for the circle, and don’t miss an all-new The Secret Circle Friday, February 3rd @ 9PM ET on MuchMusic!

Let’s get the B-Plot out of the way first – it’s the least interesting. Faye’s still bumming around Lee, trying to get her solo powers back. But Lee gets an visit from an old friend, and Faye finds out Lee is a drug dealer. Reformed, but still a drug dealer.

His specialty is dealing “Devil’s Spirit”, which he gives to his friend. This same friend (who’s motives I’m guessing at this point aren’t friendly at all) offers some to Faye, who accepts. Lee warns her the drug destroyed a girl he dated.

But I’m guessing Faye will discover this the hard way.

On to the A-Plot. Jake is back to town to warn Cassie witch hunters are coming. Again. Only this time they’ll have a better method of killing her.

Which method exactly? The same one they used killing her father John Blackwell. Dun dun dun….

But Jake’s been keeping another secret from the group (and yet Cassie is so eager to trust him….): he was on the boat the night their parents died.

Yup. He chased after his parents when they left the house that night, hid in their car, climbed on board the boat, and watched what caused the fire.

And then he blocked those memories out. Since it was all death and destruction, we don’t blame him for that. What we do blame him for is involving Cassie. Since he can’t remember what happened, he’s created a spell for Cassie to go inside his mind and unblock those memories.

And there she goes, trusting him after keeping the fact he even witnessed the event a secret. Seriously, Adam and Diana need to knock some sense into her.

But for all Cassie’s misdirected trust, we FINALLY get some answers as to what happened the night their parents died, and why Jake was involved with the witch hunters to begin with.

It seems the witch hunters and the witches were always at war, long before Cassie came to Chance Harbour. But the topic of a truce was in the air, and a secret meeting was to be held on the boat with the other witches and the witch hunters.

The Armstrongs were skeptical about the truce: it meant the witch hunters would leave them alone as long as they no longer used their magic. And some of the other witches were skeptical too, and turned to John Blackwell’s idea of ignoring the truce altogether.

But the witch hunters anticipated this, and the entire truce meeting was a trap. They ruthlessly killed whichever parents they could get their hands on, including Jake’s dad. They had John Blackwell tied up and ready to be burned at the stake. The witch hunters lit him on fire and walked away, trapping a few remaining witches with John to be burned alive (including Jake’s mom).

Now here’s where things get interesting. We already know Amelia (Cassie’s mom) wasn’t there that day. But Adam’s dad also said he wasn’t there that day. But Cassie seems Ethan in the memory leaving the boat unharmed.

And then it gets weirder. One of the witches burning on the boat recognizes Cassie within the memory! WTF? But there’s no time to dwell on that now. The boat is burning and they need to get out the memory before they choke and die as well.

Except before they leave, they see John pull out a special necklace that repelled the flames and directed them back at the witch hunters. John Blackwell managed to survive the fire too!

In the present, Jake tells them all his life he was told the witches started fire that killed his parents, but now he knows the truth: it was the witch hunters. And Cassie heads back to the boat to find the necklace her father left there. It has the same marking as the one as in the basement in Blackwell’s old house.

In the episodes C-Plot, Dawn tricked Ethan into getting the crystal from Charles. But now Ethan won’t give it back to Dawn. That’s what power does folks. It corrupts.

And for an added twist…Cassie needs to know for sure if her dad survived the fire. Recruiting Jake, they dig up his grave…and realize John Blackwell is still alive!.

Is Adam’s dad evil? Who was that woman that saw Cassie? Is Cassie’s dad still alive in the present? What magic does that necklace hold? Will John Blackwell come back for it? What happened to the other witches on the boat, the ones were were held upstairs? Why did the witch hunters betray them?

Or, in other words, we’re officially hooked on The Secret Circle! Check out what happens next when the show returns February 3rd:

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