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TSC Episode 6: I Got A Special Crystal That Gives Me Uber-Powers. Do You?

October 24th, 2011

You know how binding the circle pretty much made these witches super-weaklings by themselves? Not anymore. Not for Cassie Blake anyways. In light of Nick’s death, we learn some pretty big things about the world of witches. Namely Chance Harbour witches have been marked by new kid on the block Jake and the most coveted witchy item is now in Cassie’s bare hands.

Add some fist-fights, break-ups, crying, a funeral and an assassination attempt to the mix and it’s just another week on The Secret Circle.

Get your 411 below and don’t miss an all-new Hallowe’en Edition of The Secret Circle Friday @ 9PM ET following The Vampire Diaries on MuchMusic!

Meet Jake Armstrong. He’s cute, he’s blonde and he’s a womanizer. Basically, he’s exactly the late Nick Armstrong. With shorter hair. But we do learn there are some differences. He robbed Adam’s father before he left town a few years ago. He broke Faye’s heart at the same time too. And he’s bad news all round (more on that later…)

But he’s not bad news for Cassie. As the circle debates whether or not Jake’s return is a good thing (AKA is he a witch or isn’t he?) they learn they’ve been marked by witch hunters. And what more proof do you need when a knife-wielding she-demon (or just a regular girl who doesn’t know how to put on make-up – I couldn’t tell the difference) attacks Cassie in her home? Good thing for Cassie Jake was there to save her.

But bad thing for Diana Jake was there to save her. She now knows who Adam would rather be dating. And after putting up with yet another drunken rambling from Adam’s father (when Diana was trying to take care of him no less – what an ass!) she decides screw this and breaks up with Adam.

Finally. I don’t know about you but I’m glad Diana is finally standing on her own two feet!

Faye tries to act her sluttiest to make Jake jealous, but since Jake’s into blondes know (is Cassie really all that and a bag of Oreo cookies? Somebody please tell me!) her lame attempts fail. Especially since she’s pulling all her antics when she’s supposed to be mourning her dead friend.

Only Melissa remembers a member of their circle passed away last week. And it’s sad since he was the only member that saw Melissa as something more than Faye’s sidekick.

But we get two very important pieces of information in this episode.

1) Even though binding a circle lessens a witches individual power, a crystal can correct that. Hard to come by and heavily hunted, Jane gives granddaughter Cassie her’s to protect herself.

This is probably the same crystal Dawn and Charles are busy hunting when they’re not killing old people, young people and people their own age left, right and center.

2) Jake isn’t back in town for Nick’s funeral. He’s there to avenge his death, and the death’s of his parents. He’s a witch who’s aware of his powers and taking out a hit on Diana’s circle. And he’s getting help from Teen Wolf’s Allison’s dad (apparently he hunts witches in his spare time too!).

Check out a sneak peek of Friday’s all-new Hallowe’en Edition of The Secret Circle:

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Let The Secret Circle take you under its spell:

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