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TSC Episode 7: Something Wicked This Way Comes

November 4th, 2011

Hallowe’en came and went in Chance Harbour…but not without two deaths and one awesome display of power! Faye barely kept her clothes on while Diana and Adam try living the single life. Melissa tries to reach Jake as he moves in for the kill. And Cassie almost learns why she’s so powerful.

Almost. But WE get the full message and it’s not good.

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Remember when Dawn killed Faye’s grandfather Henry? Jane doesn’t. That’s why she’s looking for him, leaving Cassie all alone to throw an all-out Hallowe’en bash. It might be dangerous leaving her house in control of a bunch of teenagers, but the real danger is at Henry’s: Jane get’s knocked senseless while someone steals Henry’s crystal.

No, onto the Hallowe’en party.

Faye brings out her inner skank by forcing a little, innocent get-together at Cassie’s. As they decorate, they finds a piece of the knife Simone used to attack Cassie with last week. There’s nothing too weird about that EXCEPT for the fact Jake knows an an awful lot about it despite Cassie barely showing it to him.

Needing to know more, Cassie meets Walter, a witch friend of her mothers. Through a simple touch of skin Walter learns the secret to Cassie’s raw individual power: she has dark magic in her! That’s why she more powerful than the other witches.

Walter runs to Adam’s father about this warning him it could be another Blackwell situation. This is the second time we’ve heard the name Blackwell. I’m guessing he was a dark witch with power levels like Cassie.

Walter also gets a visit from Jake with the message “tell her anything about witch hunters and I kill you”. Very to the point, that one is.

Suspicious about Jake’s knowledge of the knife, Cassie gets Faye to seduce Jake while she breaks into his place and goes through his stuff. And O-M-F-G what does she find? More witch-killing knives!

Faye sluts it up, but Jake is not fooled. He goes after Cassie and makes up some BS she doesn’t buy. Which is good because he’s also planning on secretly killing them all during the party too.

Diana and Adam try the single life, and get kidnapped. After reaching out to Jake, Melissa is still mourning Nick..and gets kidnapped. Cassie looks for her crystal in case Jake is up to something…and get kidnapped.

Guess who one of the witch hunters is? Cassie’s date from the dance a few weeks ago! Jake rushes over to warn the other witch hunters they can’t kill Cassie the way they planned. Because she has dark magic in her, they need to find another way to kill her.

And he’s right. When Cassie’s date tries to kill Diana, Cassie releases some of that awesome solo power (even without a crystal) and manages to burn her attacker alive. Scary s**t.

Even scarier – no one seems the least bit concerned Cassie is so damn powerful.

Cassie and the others escape, but she’s wary of Jake now since he wasn’t tied up like the rest of them. But she’s still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Too bad she doesn’t know he killed Walter. Too bad Jake doesn’t know Walter left Cassie some clues before he was murdered.

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Let The Secret Circle take you under its spell:

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