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TSC Episode 8: When Did A Game Of Truth Or Dare Ever Turn Out Good?

November 9th, 2011

When your grandmother goes missing…you invite your friends on a road trip complete with a sexy game of truth or dare.

‘Cause that’s how they find missing persons in Chance Harbour. Cassie tries to figure out what happened to Jane while Charles and Dawn cover up Henry’s murder. Faye takes a sexy bath and Jake gets some tongue action.

Sounds kinda kinky to be a witch, huh?

Find out how the most popular teenaged-game on earth helped the circle discover not everything is as it seems below, and then don’t miss the Fall Finale This Friday @ 9PM ET on MuchMusic!

To grandmother’s house we go. Actually, to grandfather’s house. Faye’s grandfather to be exact. After Jane didn’t come home from her visit to Henry (because someone knocked her out and stole Henry’s crystal) Cassie’s worried and brings the gang with her to search for dear old grams.

Which turns out to be pointless because Jane texts Cassie (a world where grandmothers can text and it’s not surprising? AWESOME!) she’s okay. Which is a total lie because that’s not a text from Jane. It’s a text from Charles. He dumped Henry’s body in the lake, robbed him of his crystal, and brought back Jane to Chance Harbour so Cassie wouldn’t think anything was wrong.

He then robbed Jane of her memories of the attack using the crystal. He’s an evil one, that Charles Meade.

But there IS something that’s wrong. There’s a ghost child haunting Faye. A ghost child that hints there’s something in the river behind grandfather’s house she needs to see. And sad to say it, it’s Faye’s grandfather Henry that floats up to the surface.

That’s not how anyone should find their grandfather.

But now that all the unpleasantness is outta the way, time to brush up on the drama truth or dare ALWAYS brings!

Diana is single, but she still loves Adam. But she needs to figure out if Adam still loves her. He says he does but she needs to know for sure. So she makes sure Cassie gets a ride with Jake to the lake house. Which immediately pisses off Faye since she still has the hots for Jake.

Got all the back story? Good.

So let’s begin. Diana rips her top off and spends the rest of the game in her bra. She looks good. Faye surprises everyone and says she’s only slept with two guys. I’m guessing one of them is Jake. Faye wants Cassie to kiss Adam so she can have Jake all to herself. But Diana cuts in because she wants to test Adam herself and dares Cassie to kiss Jake instead. And so Cassie kisses Jake and it’s pretty electrifying except…

Diana can’t stand the fact Adam can’t stand the fact Cassie is kissing another guy. Faye is about ready to rip those blond curls right off Cassie’s head if yet another boy falls head over heels for the new girl, and pretty much says so. So Cassie does what every rebellious girl would do in that situation: she kisses Jake again.

Adam now has to make up big time with Diana…and somehow they ignite the passion they once had. BIG TIME. In Faye’s grandfather’s tool shed. It’s hot…but Diana says it doesn’t change anything. They’re still broken up.

Once they arrive back in Chance Harbour, Cassie tells the news of Henry’s death to Jane, and asks what happened. Jane said she never went inside the house…except Cassie brought back Jane’s scarf which was clearly left inside the house.

Hmm…I wonder how long it will take to find out her memory was tampered with.


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