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TSC Episode 9: I Told The Witch Hunter I Was In Love With You

November 14th, 2011

Great – now all holiday season we’re gonna be asking ourselves “who in the circle is related to Cassie?“. ‘Cause that was the bombshell the witch hunters dropped just before the end credits.

But we finally find out the mystery behind the Blackwell name, and who’s side Jake is really on. Sort of…

The Secret Circle goes on winter break until January 2012, but we’ll keep you posted on what to expect when it returns! Read on for what Jake showed Cassie, how Diana’s coping with single life and what to expect when the show returns January 2012!

There’s a fundraiser in Chance Harbour. And as you’ve learned from watching The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, whenever there’s a party, there’s a disaster. And on The Secret Circle, you can’t spell disaster without these four sexy letters: J-A-K-E.

Remember those old papers with weird symbols Calvin left Cassie before he died? Turns out John Blackwell is Cassie’s father, and a dark witch. In fact, Cassie is the only known witch left of the Blackwell line. The witch hunters meant to kill every last member of the family, but they didn’t count on Amelia hiding her daughter for sixteen years.

So now it’s up to Jake to kidnap Cassie for the hunters and let them deal with her in another way. Except Jake can’t. He’s starting to like her. Awww…..

Which is guess isn’t good news if you’re Adam. He just needs a reason to punch Jake and he’s ready. This time, the reason is Faye. She knows Jake better than anyone, and she’s beginning to suspect Jake’s “hanging out with Cassie” is more than it seems. Adam spies on Jake, and finds out he’s a witch hunter.

Adam’s also spying on Diana who seems to not care if Adam is alive or not. A childhood crush has come back to town and is totally rocking Diana’s world. It’s Melissa’s cousin who’s come back to cheer her up AND who may or may not be a witch too! Good for them – these girls need some happiness in their lives!

But apparently no one is spying hard enough on Charles, Dawn and Jane. Jane is suffering from some major (and I mean major) long term health problems as a result of Charles memory spell. She’s forgetting things, she thinks Henry is still alive and she thinks Cassie is Amelia. And it looks like it’s getting worse.

So much for not calling much attention to yourselves Charles and Dawn!

But back to Jake now. He has Cassie right where he wants her. But to be honest, I don’t think Jake was going to hand her over to the hunters. I think he was going to take her away himself and keep her safe. But we’ll never know now because the witch hunters showed up and kidnapped Cassie themselves!

It’s up to Jake and Adam to put their testosterone aside to team up and save Cassie. Which they do surprisingly. Except Adam and Cassie manage to escape, but Jake is left with the witch hunters.

So who’s side is Jake on? We don’t know. He helped Cassie escape, but he’s also staying with the witch hunters who shockingly don’t seem pissed he screwed up their plans and fell in love with Cassie. So he’s still a witch hunter…but he’s also looking out for Cassie on the inside…so he’s not a TRUE witch hunter. If that makes sense.

What we do know is that there’s a reason the witch hunters are targeting this circle. There’s more than one child of John Blackwell in their circle besides Cassie!

Time to place your bets now for who’s related to Cassie! Personally, I think it’s Faye – her mom’s been jonesing for John Blackwell for years, so maybe they had a fling and Faye isn’t Henry’s granddaughter after all! Dun dun dun….

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. JOIN THE CIRCLE:

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