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TVD Episode 10: FINALLY!

January 9th, 2012

FINALLY! After three years of waiting for it….WE FINALLY GOT IT! And it was AMAZING! Especially his line “If I’m gonna feel guilty for something…it’s gonna be for this“. Hell Yeah! Damon’s totally Da Man! If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’ve had three days to check it out online HERE! Get on it!

Now, click on more for all the awesomeness that was The Vampire Diaries Episode 10!

Don’t Miss An All New Episode Of The Vampire Diaries Friday @ 8PM ET on MuchMusic!

OH-EM-EFFING-GEE! Damon kissed Elena! No mind-wiping, no Katherine-impostering, no death-bed pitying – it was a full on “I Want You” kiss….and she didn’t push him away! In face, she looked just as shocked and pleased as we were!

But that’s at the ending of the eppy (and what a way to kick off 2012 with a slew of new episodes after it’s two months hiatus!!). Let’s see what else went down in Mystic Falls (and believe me, S**t. Went. Down!).

With his fam missing at the hands of Stefan, Klaus does what he does best: torture Elena for information. He starts off with the simpe, attention grabbing action of killing Jeremy. Alaric saves him…but at the cost of his own safety. It was a human accident caused by a supernatural being (the newest hottie hybrid Klaus created) and Alaric’s ring only sorta heals him.

He’s not up and running like he usually is whenever Damon kills him.

The hottie hybrid threatens Elena by blocking any help from paramedics. Either invite him in, or Alaric dies. Instead, Jeremy shoots the hybrid…and chops off his dead with a meat cleaver!

It was a nasty and gross and bloody as it sounds. But it does allow Elena to get Alaric to an emergency room.

Where he catches the attention of one Mrs. Paul Weasley AKA Melissa Hastings AKA new character Meredith Fell. Yes, that’s Stefan Salvatore’s real life wife, and Spencer’s older sister on Pretty Little Liars. She’ll be in town for a while since she’s the only medic who’s noticed Alaric heals faster than anyone she’s ever met.

As Jeremy freakishly descends to the dark side, his ex-GF Bonnie also heads that way as well. Stefan finds her in that old, dead witch house and gets her to help him play his game against Klaus. Namely, she hides the Original family in plain sight to a witch, but not to Klaus.

Fearing for Jeremy’s life, Elena confronts Stefan and boy, let me tell you, it was one helluva confrontation! Elena asks him to give Klaus what he wants so Jeremy can stay alive.

Stefan tells her in no unclear terms he’s in it to win it. If Jeremy’s collateral damage, then so be it.


So, that’s the end of Stefan and Elena. Still thinking there’s a method to his madness, Damon takes his chances with Stefan…and finds out why Stefan betrayed them in the first place. Stefan saved Klaus’ life because if Klaus died, his hybrids’ last command was to kill Damon. Stefan saved Damon’s life. For the umpteenth time.

Damon can’t exactly be mad at him anymore, can he? Instead, Damon teams up with Stefan and Bonnie in their little game of hid the coffins, keeping everything from Elena.

But Elena’s not stupid, and makes a deal on her own with Klaus. She trades the recently daggered Rebeka for Jeremy. Klaus agrees, but she gives him a heads up: they’re both on Rebeka’s hit list. Elena for literally stabbing her in the back, and Klaus for murdering their mother. Klaus takes her…but keeps her daggered.

Now there’s only one last thing to do. Save Jeremy once and for all. He lost his job, he managed to get suckered off of vervain from Tyler (and invited Tyler into the Gilbert house!) missed school, got dumped by Bonnie, not to mention he lost his parents, his aunt, and two girlfriends to vampires over the last two years.

No wonder he’s meat-cleaver happy.

But Elena, Alaric and Damon make the executive decision to mind-wipe him and send him away to another state to live with some relatives and finish high school away from all the madness of Mystic Falls.

Can I just say, when Jeremy realizes he’s been mind-wiped (again!) by the people he trusts (again!) he is sooooo not gonna be pleased.

As the night winds down, Damon tells Elena that Stefan didn’t betray them. Which makes it hard to Damon to feel not guilty for wanting what he does: Elena. But he finally says screw it, and well…we all know what happened!

Here’s what’s on tap in Mystic Falls next week:

With Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Ghosts, Doppelgangers & Hybrids Running Around, You Don’t Wanna Miss Any Of The Action In Mystic Falls:

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