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TVD Episode 10: Love & Stupidity – Is There A Difference?

December 6th, 2010

Jeremy does the stupidest thing imaginable…for love. Haven’t we all? Plus Damon and Alaric get laid and Elena, Stefan, and Bonnie all make stupid, stupid decisions that set the stage for the mid-season finale, available online Friday morning on!

In case you missed it, check it out HERE. Click for the full recap below.

After learning about the curse (why vampires can’t walk in the sun) and what it takes to break it (Elena’s blood), and the fact that a deadly vampire named Klaus is en route to Mystic Falls it’s pretty safe to say Elena and Co. are a little on edge.

And what do you do when you’re on edge? You go rogue. And make stupid decisions.

Stupid Decision 1: Damon, Stefan and Bonnie decide on a plan to save Elena. If they can depower the moonstone (which is necessary for the curse to be broken) then the curse can’t be reversed and Elena’s blood will be useless. There’s a lot of italics coming peeps cause this spell’s complicated!

But what they don’t realize is that Bonnie can’t handle opening-the-tomb-to-get-the-moonstone-spell on her own (last time she tried her granny died). But she tries anyways, and fails again. But this time her new warlock friend Luca and his father (who’s in cahoots with Klaus) realize what she’s doing.

FYI – if I were Klaus and came to Mystic Falls to find the moonstone depowered, I think I’d go postal and kill them all anyways. Maybe they need to think twice about their plan.

Stupid Decision 2: Jeremy, tired of all Bonnie’s nosebleeds, decides to go in himself and get the moonstone. This would save Bonnie (his lady love) from bleeding out her nostrils and from Katherine escaping the tomb. But what he doesn’t realize is he will definitely get his a** handed to him. He succeeds in getting it out of the tomb but as expected, also becomes Katherine’s all you can eat buffet.

As long as she’s got blood, Katherine doesn’t mind eternity in a cocktail dress.

Stupid Decision 3: Elena, determined to save her friends from doing stupid things (….no comment….) decides to take off on her own with Rose to sacrifice herself to Klaus. All this leads to is the discovery of Slater’s body and evil Elijah locating where Elena is. To which he runs back to deliver the news to Klaus.

Now Damon has to protect Elena and make sure she doesn’t do anything else stupid. Plus Elena finds out Damon and Rose have been having all kinds of wild sex. Guess Damon’s not as obsessed with Elena as we thought!

Stupid Decision 4
: With Jeremy held hostage and Bonnie not strong enough to break the tomb spell; Stefan dives in to save the youngest Gilbert. Jeremy’s out, but Stefan’s in. For good. Who does that leave? Damon to protect Elena.

After the stunts Jeremy pulled, Bonnie can’t feel the same way about him and turns him down when he finally makes his move. Ouch!

In other news, Alaric and Jenna are gettin’ busy so much they are able to distract Elena as a warlock breaks into their house to steal locks of hair and photos. Caroline and Tyler find Mason’s confessions of a transforming werewolf and get freaked-the-s**t out. Matt tries to reconcile with Caroline, but finds her alone with Tyler. Poor Matt. That’s two girlfriends he’s lost to the supernatural.

Here’s what you can expect on the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries:


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