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TVD Episode 11: “It Is Right…Just Not Right Now”

January 16th, 2012

Damon, Damon, Damon….you had us the minute you looked into Elena’s eyes and said that line. And is it just me, or is The Vampire Diaries Season Three shaping up to be the BEST ONE so far? The roots have been planted for the rest of the season, and it looks like its going to be betrayal after betrayal after betrayal!

Klaus is cozy-ing up to Caroline. Tyler can’t control his loyalty/sire connection to Klaus. Stefan almost killed Elena. Bonnie’s soooo gonna tell Jeremy what Elena did. Meredith is probably a murderer. Matt’s afraid of the Fell Ghost.

I could go on. But I’d rather not spoil anymore until everyone get’s caught up HERE, then dive down for the latest on TVD!


It’s the first battle of Stefan VS Klaus since the Original family was taken hostage by the Salvatores. And Damon’s actually rooting for the opponent!

Stefan is…off the wagon. After a hybrid almost discovers his casket-hiding-spot, he decides he needs to get them out of Mystic Falls completely. So is big eviction plan is too – wait for it – go on a killing spree and behead all the hybrids until Klaus gets all of them to disappear. Definitely off the wagon.

As he would, Klaus is royally pissed. But, he’s also smart. He’s made a deal with acting mayor Carol Lockwood. He’ll protect Tyler and keep the citizens safe as long as his hybrids can stay and Stefan stops killing them. Sheriff Forbes is on board…and eventually so is Damon.

But Stefan won’t admit defeat and makes one last effort to make the hybrids go away: get rid of the blood that makes hybrids possible in the first place.

AKA….kill Elena. What did I say? Stefan is definitely, definitely off the wagon.

He kidnaps Elena and takes her on a joyride over an old bridge, putting Klaus on speaker-phone will the message “I’ll kill her if you don’t remove your hybrids”. He’ll send the car over the bridge with Elena inside.

I’m sure we all thought Stefan was bluffing…until he forced Elena to drink his blood while Klaus listened. If Elena dies, she’ll come back as a vampire and her blood will mean nothing to Klaus.

Klaus backs off, and Stefan scores one for the good guys. But he lost Elena. For good!

He tries to defend himself – he wasn’t really going to kill her, he only needed Klaus to think he was really going to kill her. BUT the fact that he choose the SAME bridge her parents were killed on AND doesn’t care that he almost killed her on the same bridge AND the fact he doesn’t care about what she thinks of his plan again Klaus AND the fact he doesn’t care about her or what she thinks at all really….pretty much spells the end of Stefan and Elena.

And Stefan knows it.

Tired, angry and sad, Elena returns to the same porch where Damon kissed her the night before. She tells him what happened, but that he can’t kiss her again – it isn’t right.

And we all melted when we heard his reply. **le sigh**

On Klaus’ end of the war, he’s using is pawns quite nicely. Despite the many attempts Tyler makes to show everyone he’s not Klaus’ whipping boy, he can’t even ignore a direct order to attack Caroline. He bites her. On her birthday. When she’s already sad because she’s a vampire and she’s never gonna make it to eighteen.

Klaus arrives at the Forbes household and get invited in. He convinces Caroline that being dead and never growing up can have it’s benefits, and promises her he’ll show her everything that makes immortality wonderful.

The way he put it…I think we’d all be drinking his blood right then. In the morning, Caroline is all healed, and she’s got a beautiful gift from Klaus on her nightstand. It’s a piece of jewellery fit for a woman, not a 17-year-old girl.

Bonnie only discovers the morning he’s packing up and saying his good-byes that Jeremy is leaving town. Her puzzlement turns to out-right anger as she realizes it’s not his choice. Elena confesses she mind-wiped Jeremy (again!) and Bonnie’s not having it. She calls out her BFF and tells her straight up – everyone involved in Stefan’s deadly game has the right to decided how they want to live their lives, regardless if Elena wants to protect them or not.

She didn’t tell Jeremy the truth…but we think it’s only a matter of time. And that’s the last we’ll see of Jeremy for a while.

Onto new character Meredith Fell. She’s single, hitting on Alaric, a descendant of one of the founding families, and on the “secret council” that handles the vampire problem. Oh, and apparently she does not get along with the guy who writes up all the attacks in Mystic Falls as “animal attacks”.

But is she capable of murder? Because Damon finds Mr. Animal Attacks dead at the end of the episode. He was human, but he had a stake driven right through his heart.

Plus, while Elena threw Caroline a birthday/funeral, she teased Matt about the “Fell Ghost”. Just what role do the Fells play in Mystic Falls?

Hopefully we’ll find out next week and it looks like another round of Stefan VS. Klaus, this time with Bonnie caught in the middle!

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