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TVD Episode 13: And the last coffin holds…!

February 3rd, 2012

Michael’s dead. Rebekah and two more brothers are daggered. Elijah’s back with a vengeance. So what could be in the last coffin that would make uber-powerful Klaus shiver in his super-chic designer shoes?

Let’s just say that whatever it is, it managed to knock out two powerful Bennett witches and tear through town right to Klaus’ mansion.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. SO. MUCH. DRAMA. happened before the big reveal at the end, so in case you missed it, catch-up HERE, and then read on for the full TVD low-down!

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Damon undaggered Elijah to back stab Klaus. Damon back stabbed Stefan by agreeing to meet for a truce over the coffins. Klaus agrees to call a truce with the Salvatores to make sure he gets to back stab them.

At least they all know how to play the game, right?

Damon’s deal: take the coffins, and in return, leave Elena and friends alone and disappear from Mystic Falls.
Klaus’ deal: take the coffins AND Elena and Matt. Give Elena a normal life, and a human husband who can continue the Petrova/doppelganger line so Klaus can always make his hybrids (he will always need the blood of the doppelganger).

Both deals suck to each party, so when in doubt, go to plan B: let the back stabbing begin!!

Elijah betrays Damon by siding with Klaus. Klaus betrays Stefan by holding him hostage, threatening to burn him alive, unless Damon produces the last coffin that night.

And then the ultimate back stab: Elijah betrays Klaus and sides with Damon. He woke up his brothers and Rebekah, and they all gang up on Klaus. But then someone interrupts.

Bonnie and Abby managed to figure out why Abby was needed to open the coffin. The spell requires two generations of witches to unlock it. With the Bennett bloodline present, the coffin whips open and knocks the two out cold.

Turns out, the last remaining coffin contained…The Original Witch AKA Klaus’ mother! The mother everyone only recently learned he killed!

On the other side of town, someone’s hunting down Founding Family Council members. The medical examiner is dead, Caroline’s dad was attacked and Alaric was stabbed.

And you want to see a true test of love? A dying Alaric asks Elena to kill him; if he dies a supernatural death, he’ll come back to life again. And she does it. It’s a really sweet moment. Even having Matt there is really sweet.

But Bill Forbes isn’t so lucky. Meredith Fell fed him vampire blood to heal him from his werewolf wounds. But since he was killed with vamp blood…he’s come back a vampire! He needs to feed to finish the transformation.

But seeing as how vampires are the one thing he hates more than anything…he decides to not complete the transformation, and passes away in his sleep. But he manages to make amends with his ex-wife and daughter before he does.

Besides Elena, Caroline has been through the absolute worst on this show!

And here’s what’s happening next week:

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