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TVD Episode 14: Momma Original Witch Wants To Kill Her Family!?

February 10th, 2012


So momma head witch, who was supposed to be the secret weapon to kill Klaus, decides to forgive her son for killing her, and wants her family to be together again in peace? C’mooooon. Something’s up.

Damn straight there is. We get thrown into a whole new set of issues this episode including Esther secretly planning to kill her own family, Klaus trying to show his sensitive side to Caroline, and Stefan and Damon getting more fed up with the Elena love triangle.

In case you missed it, check out the full episode HERE, then read on for your full TVD info.

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So Elana and Matt are strolling through the halls of the hospital, and they still don’t know who this mysterious serial killer is…

They then get into their own cars and drive off. However, when Elena backs her car up, she bumps into something, goes outside to see what she hit, and who’s there to pin her against the car…none other than an angry Rebekah, who’s un-daggered, and furious with Elena for stabbing her in the first place. Luckily, Elijah shows up at the right moment to stop his sister from biting Elena. He reminds her that their mother forbids it. Family drama at its best.

Then we go to Elena discussing the previous events with Damon and Stefan at home. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door, but wait, nobody’s there except a fancy invitation to a huge party the Original Family’s throwing in honor of well…becoming a family again. Geez, as if the whole world needs to know the accomplishment. But Esther, the head mother and original witch writes Elena on the back of the invitation that she wants a one-on-one chat.

Meanwhile, Klaus is told by mom again that she forgives him for killing her, and that she wants to see him at the grand ball with a date. Cue the creepy Klaus look. What’s he thinking?

And we also have an awkward “I-thought-I’m-taking-Elena-to-the-ball” moment between Stefan and Damon. But Damon ends up winning.

Tyler calls Caroline to tell her that he’s off to “fix” himself and get his self-control back. This makes her happy. But she also gets an invite to the big party…from Klaus. Woaaah. The dude has MOVES. Plus, Rebekah asks Matt to the party as her date to cause some commotion.

So here we go, some swanky cars pulling up to the Original Family’s mansion. And they have Christmas lights up on the trees! Not sure if that makes sense…

Let’s cut to Elena showing up, and walking in with two Salvatore brothers, who clearly don’t like the fact that either of them are there.

Caroline’s a bit confused too as to why Klaus invited her, but she shows up anyways. Seems like a good move, right? Go to the ball with the dude who’s controlling your boyfriend with compulsion.

Everyone’s then invited to do a “century-old waltz,” which means Elena dancing with both Damon…

…and Stefan.

And we also have a happy Klaus waltzing with a -still confused- Caroline.

Elena brings Stefan outside for a secret. She tells him that she needs to sit down with Esther, but she needs to go there alone, and Damon is over protecting her. She needs Stefan’s help to get him out of the way.

Meanwhile, Rebekah is up to no good, planning to go against her mother’s wishes of peace. She conspires with her brother Kol to kill Matt, which will cause Elena emotional pain. Damn, this girl holds a grudge.

Now we have Elena who just texted Damon to meet her privately in a room. She’s standing near the window with an innocent gaze. But…

…Stefan sneaks up and knocks out Damon unconscious, in order to keep him out of the way. Oh, boy. This just got real.

Meanwhile, Klaus finds Caroline outside with a horse and decides to flirt with her. Something like “Oh, so uhh, you like horses! No way…me too.”

But Caroline just tells him off, and psychoanalyzes him, saying that he wants to control hybrids because nobody loves him. That’s quality Dr. Phil stuff.

Meanwhile, Elena is about to go see Esther, but Elijah meets with her before hand. He says that he’s concerned there’s a hidden agenda going on and wants Elena to promise that she’ll tell him everything his mother tells her in the meeting. She agrees.

 Elena finally meets Esther, and comes alone, as requested.

“You must have a million questions” says Esther. Uhh yup, here’s a few we can start off with; why didn’t you kill Klaus, why is Klaus still the main villain in the season story line, and when is Klaus going to die? Oh, wait, hold up. Elena’s told not to worry, because Esther actually has a secret plan to kill the immortal Klaus…and her own family too!?

Basically, she understands that when she turned her family into vampires, it upset the balance of nature. So she’s going to cast a giant spell to link all of her children’s lives together as one, so that if one dies, they all die. All she needs is a drop of Elena’s blood to put in the champagne. When her children drink it during the toast, they’ll be linked. Fair enough.

We then cut to an angry Damon, who wakes up and tries to wrestle briefly with Stefan, for keeping him out of the plan. Stefan says he’s a liability.

At the same time, Rebekah leads Matt outside for some fresh air. At first she plans on killing him outside, but then she sees that he sort of cares about her, so she has a change of heart. They go back inside.

Inside, Elena lies to Elijah, and tells him that all his mother said to her was that she was sorry for the problems Klaus caused, and that she wants peace now.

Esther then holds her glass up for the toast, and everyone follows…

…including Klaus. Tough luck for you buddy.

Now we have Damon being over controlling again, saying it’s time to go home. Elena says that he cares too much, and doesn’t feel the same way about him. Uh-oh. Here we go with the old school “forget everybody” Damon.

We then have Matt who meets Kol outside on the balcony. No secret here, Kol wants to try and kill him.

Woah…but just as Matt’s getting his hand crushed, Damon jumps in and tackles Kol off the balcony, and temporarily knocks him unconscious.

He sort of realizes that it was a stupid thing to do. That’s the “Okay fine, so it was stupid, so what?” face.

We then cut to Esther who’s finalizing the spell with some of Fin’s blood.

And now we’re back at home with Elena and Stefan. Elena questions him again if he has any feelings for her or not.

But Stefan pulls a “I can never forgive myself for biting you, so that’s why I don’t…feel.”

We’re now at the bar, where Matt chills out with a broken hand.

Rebekah shows up to apologize, but Matt turns her down, and tells her that he doesn’t want to be anywhere near her. Ouch.

But no worries, because Damon shows up with some alcohol, and is like “Yo, let’s do some shots, forget the human..”

…”you need a vampire, like umm…me.”

Cut to some good ole’ sexual intercourse between vampires. Damon. What a player.


Hopefully we ge to see this giant spell in action next week, but not before an apparent Elena hostage situation with Elijah and his siblings.

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