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TVD Episode 15: Guess Who’s Dying At Dinner?

February 24th, 2011

Damon: There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Only poorly executed awesome ones.

It’s all about Hunt. Pray. Kill. in Mystic Falls as Damon hosts his first dinner party/murder combo while we find out which Salvatore brother was more evil way back when.

If you missed this episode, watch it HERE then read on for what to expect in the final episode before TVD goes on spring break.

Stefan: Are you actually gonna be careful for once?
Damon: Yes. I’ve become you. How tragic for both of us. Gotta run, Have a murder to plan. Busy day.

Damon hosts a dinner party to kill Elijah. Let’s round up our ingredients for the best serving of murder and drinks ever!

The guests: Jenna, Alaric, Damon’s newly compelled girlfriend, and party-crasher Jon Gilbert.
The plan: after some male bonding and brandy, it’s time for Elijah to keel over.
The victim: The cocky original. He’s content to let Elena die to have his revenge on Klaus. And he thinks nobody can kill him.
The double cross: only a human can kill an original. If a vamp tries, they both die.

There’s nothing like a good double-cross. Place your bet now for the way Damon’s going to kill Jon Gilbert the next time they meet.

Elena and Stefan, enjoying their romantic weekend after killing a werewolf, discover this twist in an old Gilbert journal and pass it off to Damon in time. But did anyone ever teach Elena to read the full facts before jumping to conclusions? There’s more to killing Originals – they just don’t know it yet.

Surprise surprise, it’s Alaric who unexpectedly takes one for the team and kills Elijah while Jenna’s getting dessert. Yes, we were just as shocked as Damon.

And Alaric surprises us once more – he admits he’s Damon’s friend (Damon’s only friend actually). See, even after all the wife killing and vampire hunting, all’s well that ends well.

Well, for Damon anyway. Jon is still hovering around being super annoying and creates enough drama to get his ring back from Alaric and for Jenna to break up with him too. And after Alaric saved the day!

Well, sort of saved the day. Turns out Originals only stay dead if the dagger stays in them. So Elijah’s back on his feet and after the one thing he came to Mystic Falls for in the first place: Elena.

See, if Elena had read that part of the “how-to-kill-an-original” part of the journal, things would have been different. But no, she decided to finish reading the page in the middle of the night instead.

Elijah reaches Elena and Stefan and yup, you guessed it – night number two of their romantic getaway also ends in murder.

But Elena’s got balls – I’ve got to giver her that. Elijah’s not taking any more deals and wants Elena. So she threatens to vamp herself to wreck the spell Elijah’s trying to recreate. And she almost does – she stabs herself right in the stomach.

Needless to say, Elijah rushes to her rescue only for her to stab him again with the magical dagger that Damon brought to her earlier because they all predicted this was going to happen.

Except with Elijah dead, Katherine’s free to escape from the tomb…and into Damon’s shower (she had this all planned from the beginning). Now that’s the way to end an episode!

In other news, we also see the return of the other Caroline, Lexi! It turns out back in the day when the founding families first started hunting vampires; it was Stefan who killed for fun and recklessly while Damon was the straight arrow.

If it wasn’t for Lexi, Stefan wouldn’t have been the man he is today. And Damon had to go kill her…Boo Damon.

And in more other news, Bonnie pays for her mind-games with Luka when his father Jonas comes and literally rips her powers right out of her.

So Bonnie’s powerless, Alaric’s ring-less, and Katherine’s roaming free. And we only get one more new episode before April!! I can’t wait ‘til next week!


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