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TVD Episode 15: Operation ‘Eliminate-All-Originals’ Fails

February 17th, 2012

Elena’s taken hostage. Damon turns Bonnie’s mother into a vampire to save the day (and make Stefan look like the good guy). Esther’s spell fails at the last moment. There’s a second Oak tree. And…Dr. Fell is the serial killer. Deep breaths, tons of interesting plots lines coming up for the series. Let’s move through this.

In case you missed it, check out the full episode HERE, then read on for your full TVD info.

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We start off with an awkward encounter, when Elena meets up with Damon, just as Rebekah’s leaving her “one-night-stand” with him. Elena later tells Damon that she’s a bit concerned about following through with Esther’s big plan.


Meanwhile, Elijah catches on that something was going on with her mother’s hidden agenda, after she used sage to conduct a spell during her meeting with Elena. He asks Elena to go for a walk with him, and brings her out into the woods. When he gets to a cave of tunnels, he reveals that he knows that Elena’s hiding something. She spills the beans of Esther’s plan to wipe out all of her children, and Elijah kidnaps her.


Elena is taken hostage in one of the underground caves, with Rebekah guarding her. She’s told that if she tries to escape, she’ll be killed.


At the same time, Esther has asked Bonnie and her mother Abby to take part in the spell, in order to further help channel their family’s blood line. They have to do it that night while there’s a full moon.


Elijah tells Stefan and Damon to find out where the witches are by 9:05 pm, and stop them, or else he’ll have Rebekah kill Elena. But the Salvatore brothers have another plan; all they have to do is dagger one of the Originals.


After a devious plan of divide-and-conquer, Kol is stabbed with the dagger, causing all the Original children to fall down motionless. However since Klaus is still immortal, he senses the problem, and rushes to the scene in time to un-dagger his brother, and take out the Salvatore brothers as well. Elijah shows up, and changes the deadline for Stefan and Damon, saying that they have to go and take out the witches now, or else.


While Rebekah was temporarily dead, Elena briefly escaped running through the tunnels, until she managed to get to the secret cave, where vampires can’t enter.


And Rebecca is Feeeeeeeuuuurious.


The Salvatore brothers head off to reach Bonnie and Abby. Damon realizes that only one of them has to deal with the issue, and the one who does it will probably be hated by Elena forever. Damon proposes that they flip a coin to see who takes on the task.


Meanwhile, Kol, Elijah, and Klaus have come to stop their mother’s spell. Esther tells Bonnie and Abby to head into the witch house, and hide in the basement where they’ll be protected by the witch spirits. Esther also tells her children that their sins cannot be forgiven.


We cut to a scene where Stefan is trapping Bonnie in the basement. He tells her that one of the witches had to be eliminated…which is why Damon is going to turn her mother into a vampire.


Sensing that the Bennett witch link is broken, Esther’s spell fizzles out, and she disappears.


Rebekah releases Elena, saying that she would much rather see her suffer slowly, than end her life right now.


Elena goes to visit Bonnie, and see how her mother is doing. Caroline says that Abby is still unconscious and going through the vampire transition period, and that Bonnie just needs to grieve without Elena right now.


Meanwhile, we see a conversation between Stefan and Damon, and find out that Stefan actually won the coin toss, and was supposed to be the one to turn Abby into a vampire, but Damon decided to do it in the end. Stefan asks him why, and Damon replies that he knew that Stefan still cares about being a good guy deep inside.


Back at the Original Family’s house, everybody seems to be going their separate ways. Kol left, and Elijah plans on leaving too. Rebecca admits to Klaus that he’s her only family left, since she “doesn’t have a mother anymore.”


But Rebecca then secretly shows Klaus something she found on the cave walls. According to the drawings, there’s a second Oak tree alive and well. Since the Oak tree is the only thing that can kill an Original, Rebecca says that they have to find it immediately. Hmmm…and the plot thickens.


Meanwhile, to thicken it even more, Rick wakes up in the middle of the night, while staying over at Dr. Fell’s apartment. He stumbles upon the knife that was used by the unknown town serial killer. At that moment, Dr. Fell is standing in the hallway, saying he wasn’t supposed to see that, and shoots him. Woooah.


Next week, it seems that we get to meet a new feisty fling of Damon’s past.

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