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TVD Episode 18: Klaus Is One Sick Mo-Fo!

April 20th, 2011

Ewwwwww! How nasty was it seeing Nina Dobrev’s flawless long legs covered in blood? Gross right? Now that’s how you introduce TVD’s Big Bad!

And that’s just the beginning…

If you haven’t watched the episode yet – DO IT NOW! Then read on for the full debrief below!

Klaus has Katherine, the moonstone, and a body Elena and her merry band of vamps would never dream of killing. After sucking every little bit of info out of Katherine, Klaus sets off on one last task before arriving himself in Mystic Falls: kill the only person left who can stop him.

That person happens to be little Bonnie Bennett. Able to channel all the energies of the dead Mystic Falls witches, Bonnie’s become pretty damn powerful (as she carefully demonstrates with Damon throwing him across a room – with pleasure!).

But Klaus is always one step ahead. Knowing that Elena and Co. would never hurt Alaric’s body, he’s drawing them out to force Bonnie to use her power against him. And out girl could TOTALLY take him. The only downside? It would kill Bonnie – a fact she hasn’t let anyone but Jeremy know.

Elena now has the deed to the Salvatore house….but invites Damon inside anyway, on the promise he keeps no more secrets. Yes, that promise doesn’t even last the end of the episode.

And whenever there’s danger….there’s a dance!

It’s the annual go-back-in-time-dance! Last season it was the 50s and Elena was almost killed by vampires. Now it’s the 60s and Elena is once again almost killed by a vampire.

At least Caroline and Matt are having a good time. It seems he’s still conflicted about pretending he doesn’t know she’s a vampire, and that he’s working with her mother behind her back to uncover all the secrets of Mystic Falls.

Klaus starts out with taunting Elena with proposals and song dedications so everyone knows he’s arrived and gunning for her.

Bonnie knows what she needs to do, and sets off to find him. But Jeremy also knows what he has to do. He wants his sister to live, but he also wants his girlfriend to live. So he tells Stefan.

Damon also overhears, and gets to Bonnie first. They figure out what Klaus is aiming for and decide to give him what he wants.

Bonnie manages to fake her death and convince Klaus she died trying to stop him – a ruse only Damon is aware of.

Elena, watching her friend face-off against the world’s deadliest vampire and dying, gives Damon ONE HELLUVA SLAP and vents out every angry emotion going through her!

Of course, Damon accepts the anger, even after he tells them all it was just a trick. He tells Stefan there’s no way he can do what Damon did, and that Damon will always be there to make the right decisions to save Elena, even if she hates him for it.

AWWW! **Be still my beating heart***

But it doesn’t end there. Elena ends the day apologizing to Damon for getting angry at what he and Bonnie did. But Damon makes it clear – if there was ever a choice between Elena and anyone else, he will ALWAYS choose Elena first.

Elena knows this….and decides to get the only other weapon that can kill Klaus – the dagger currently sticking out of Elijah’s chest!

Anymore questions about Klaus? It looks like Elijah’s waking up to answer them!


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