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TVD Episode 20: OH-EM-EFF-GEE!!

April 29th, 2011

Before we get into WHAT DAMON DID (OMFG!) forget everything you know about the ingredients to Klaus’ plan. By the end of the episode, you won’t believe who his victims are!

If you haven’t watched the episode, buddy puh-lease, get a move on it HERE.

When you’re done being SHELL-SHOCKED, read on for the full debrief below and for the Top 5 OMG moments! Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

Let’s start with the end.

• It’s up to the three dashing gents left standing – Stefan, Alaric and Elijah – to deal with all the s**t Klaus is about to bring.

• Matt and Caroline are trapped in the old Lockwood slave ruins running from a wolf-ed out Tyler who’s trying to kill them.

• Damon’s dealing with a werewolf bite with the still trapped Katherine in Alaric’s apartment (WTF? Is he going to die!?!).

• Jules is trapped with Klaus to use in the ritual.

• Elena and Jenna are trapped with witch Greta as they prepare for the ritual and the arrival of Klaus.

• Bonnie is still in hiding with Jeremy until it’s time to kill the Original vampire.

Now, how the hell did we get here? In a nutshell….DAMON!

Damon can’t deal with Elena trusting Elijah’s word that she’s going to survive the ritual. Elijah whips out some centuries old juice for Elena to chug down that will make her live again after the spell.

Or at least that’s the hope.

So after Elena tenderly tells Damon privately that she’ll be okay and not to worry, what does Damon do? He shoots her full of vampire blood so that even if she dies, she’ll be guaranteed to come back.

As a vampire. (OMG#1!)

Stefan, once he finds out, is the deadliest we’ve ever seen him and gives Damon the ass-kicking he sorely deserves. But Damon manages to stake him (OMG#2!) and runs off. Alaric and Jenna save the day and nurse Stefan back to health as Elena realizes what she’s in for.

Trying to cope, Stefan takes Elena on a private trip to enjoy her last day as a human. Not that Damon did the right thing by making the choice for her, but Stefan wants to know her thoughts on becoming a vampire at some point in her life.

And if this scene didn’t make you tear-up just a little, you have no heart. Elena does not want to be a vampire (OMG#3!).

Eat that, Twilight.

When Klaus finally decides to take Elena, she goes willingly, knowing what her future holds. But little does she know Damon’s done even more to screw things up.

Damon, realizing that Elena will now hate him forever for giving her no choice but to vamp out, tries to delay the ritual. He visits Katherine and finds out where Klaus’ werewolf is to stop the ritual. Katherine, realizing she’ll have to fight Elena for Stefan for eternity if she becomes a vampire, tells him Klaus lured Tyler back to town, and captured both Tyler and Caroline.

Klaus, suspicious of Katherine’s behaviour now, burns her for fun. Didn’t I tell you he was one evil mo-fo!

Matt, not agreeing with Sheriff Forbes that Caroline is evil, decides to warn her when the Sheriff decides to take matters into her own hands. This leads to following Damon once he learns the vampire’s on his trail too.

Klaus arranged for Mrs. Lockwood to have an “accident” (aka his man-witch flung her like a rag doll down a flight of stairs). Tyler rushes back to Mystic Falls with Jules to visit is mother in the hospital, just as Caroline is doing the same. Man-witch comes outta nowhere and kidnaps them both.

After an emotional conversation of Caroline trying to figure out why Matt left in the first place (and forgiveness for not rescuing her before he did) it’s Damon and Matt to the rescue, killing the man-witch and escaping with….until Tyler starts transforming (OMG#4!).

Caroline and Matt make a run for it while Damon buys them time. Once he loses Tyler, he makes a beeline to Klaus to let him know it was he who stopped the ritual, and to kill him instead of everyone else. Plus, he’s got that nasty werewolf bite on his arm.

But Klaus just laughs and says he’s still got all his pieces. They discover Klaus also kidnapped Jules at the hospital, is using Greta as his witch, he has the moonstone and his doppelganger…and his vampire is none-other than a very recently turned Jenna! (OMG#5!).

Now that you’ve been fully knocked off your feet, here’s what you can expect to finish you off next week!


Episode 19: There Is No Curse. Oh Wait, Yeah There Is.

Episode 18: Klaus Is One Sick Mo-Fo!

Episode 17: Double Crossing The Double Crosser

Episode 16: “Some Kinda Crazy-A** Psychic Witch Attack”

Episode 15: Guess Who’s Dying At Dinner?

Episode 14: Secret Admirers You Weren’t Hoping For

Episode 13: Shirtless Torture

Episode 12: I Gotta Feeling…

Episode 11: And season two brings us to…

Episode 10: Love & Stupidity – Is There A Difference?

Episode 9: The Untold Story Of A Manipulative Psychotic Witch

Episode 8: A “Big Bad” Is On It’s Way…

Episode 7: Masquerade! Every Face A Different Shade…

Episode 6: Another One Bites The Dust

Episode 5: Lockwoods vs. Salvatores vs. The Council

Episode 4: There’s Nothing Quite Like Your First Love

Episode 3: Damon Loses Elena Forever….

Episode 2: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Vamp Scorned!

Episode 1: With Katherine it’s always a neck-snapping good time!

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