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TVD Episode 21: Three Down…

May 6th, 2011

There is nothing I can write here that won’t be a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched it yet….HURRY UP! God bless video on demand! Once you’ve picked yourself up off the floor after all the action and death (oh yeah, BIG TINGS go down!) click for the full recap below. We’ve got to figure out what on earth they can do with one more episode for the season finale next week!

Okay, so I’m just gonna get right into it. Jules is dead. Jenna is dead. Jon is dead. And Klaus lives, thanks to his backstabbing bro Elijah. And Damon is still suffering from his werewolf bite.

WTF! Did any of you see that coming?

Klaus had all his players in place. Jules, Jenna and Elena – his “three goddesses” as he called them – ready to die to bring in an uber-vamp-wolf.

And he wastes no time getting started – out comes Jules’ heart in Klaus’ hand. One down, two to go.

Elena, tries to comfort Jenna as best she can as she adjusts not only to her vampire senses, but to the fact that she’s about to die in a few minutes.

This was truly epic – Jenna apologizing for failing Elena, Elena determined they’ll both make it out, both fearing for Jeremy if they both leave this world.

It’s the stuff of massive battle scenes, and TVD doesn’t disappoint.

Meanwhile, Stefan, Alaric and Elijah rally to bring in secret weapon Bonnie…until Damon gives them the heads up – Klaus turned Jenna.

Stefan instantly sneaks off to trade places with Jenna, with the promise that Elijah will be there to finish Klaus off.

Elijah says “no worries, – boy killed my family, so I got no love for him”.

Sounds trustworthy, right?

But it’s a no go. Klaus wants to play with the Salvatore brothers (for the same reason he’s keeping Katherine alive – he wants to torture her). So he beats up Stefan, and then down goes goddess number two – he kills Jenna in cold blood.

—- I got nothing for this — it was too sad.

Jon joins the fray as they search for any way to stop Klaus. His Gilbert diaries, combined with Bonnie’s Bennett diaries, reveal a spell where the witch saved a dying girl for the Gilbert family.

Bonnie sets the spell in motion for Elena using Jon. And not a moment too soon as Klaus drinks his Elena cocktail straight up.

And the transformation starts.

But he doesn’t get very far. Bonnie pulls some “crazy-ass-psychic-witch-attack” while Damon kills the witch Greta. Elijah has his hands elbow-deep in Klaus’ chest to rip out his heart and end this once and for all…except at the eleventh hour, Klaus reveals a major secret.

Klaus didn’t kill Elijah’s family. The other original vampires are still alive. Elijah, determined to save his family, saves Klaus and they both disappear.

It sucks to be on the winning team right now…cause it feels like Elena lost.

On the Caroline and Matt front, Matt shoots Tyler to save them, but breaks up with Caroline as he can’t deal with all the supernatural stuff. Tyler, his supernatural healing ability never more handy, survives to comfort Caroline the next day.

Because no matter what crap happens, our defeated heroes need to wake up and face another day.

Elena learns in order for her to survive the ritual, Jon had to die so she could live. He knew this, and did it anyway. But he also wrote her a letter telling her in the end, all he ever wanted was the best for her, and gives her his ring for any future Gilberts.

Jeremy and Alaric mourn Jenna, as Jeremy and Elena realize they’re all each other has now. They gather for a funeral service for Jenna and Jon.

Stefan promises the Elena won’t lose anyone else. That is, until Damon secretly reveals to him that he’s got a werewolf bite.

So we’ve got uber-vamp-wolf on the loose, backstabbing Elijah that needs to get his ass kicked, other Original vampires on the loose, three dead bodies, and Damon about to lose it over his bite.

So….what do you think will happen in the finale?


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