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TVD Episode 22: My Damn Subconscious Is Haunting Me

May 13th, 2011

Anything after last week’s episode won’t be exciting enough for TVD. But it’s not trying to be exciting. Instead, they’ve set up MILLIONS of possibilities for season 3 with Jeremy, Caroline, Damon, and Klaus.

There’s going to be trouble next year. And it’s not just a sacrifice this time!

Catch the last episode of the season HERE (how many times will you rewind THAT KISS?) then read on for the full recap below.

Everyone’s still grieving in Mystic Falls as Jeremy and Alaric put Bonnie and Stefan in their place for keeping them away while Jenna died.

But you gotta love how Alaric dropped everything when he found out Damon had a werewolf bite. Long live the Bromance!!

After Damon tried to off himself in the sun (gross –burning skin!), Stefan throws his behind in their dungeon basement and sets off to find a cure.

After getting Bonnie to piss off Emily Bennett and the other dead witches, Stefan learns the key to saving Damon is Klaus. His next stop? Alaric’s apartment to find Klaus. But Klaus never left Mystic Falls, and after killing Elijah (or did he?) has been waiting for Stefan to drop by.

Klaus makes a deal with Stefan – become his whipping boy in exchange for his blood to cure Damon. Still guilty it was his fault for transforming Damon into a vampire, Stefan agrees. Klaus’ first request of Stefan is to drink bag after bag of human blood.

Yep, it’s the return of Crazy Stefan!

When he’s all crazed and ready to go (and after killing an innocent girl to boot) Klaus leaves Mystic Falls and travels the world with a murderous Stefan in tow.

Next season, will Stefan be saved? Or will he be too drunk on human blood to even remember Elena or Damon? Plus, Katherine’s always wanted Stefan to be bad-ass, and now she’s free of Alaric’s apartment to tag along with Klaus and Stefan.

Oh the possibilities!

Damon, meanwhile, apologizes for Jenna to Alaric who’s come to keep watch over him while Stefan’s away. But the party stops when Sheriff Forbes storms the Salvatore mansion to capture Damon.

Elena, who shunned Damon for what he did last week before she realized he was dying, was also en route to the Salvatore’s when Sheriff Forbes scoops her too (and locks Alaric in the basement too).

But Damon, deranged and psychotic (he keeps having flashes of Katherine and Elena mixed together) escapes and runs wild around town.

Jeremy is the first to catch him, but Sheriff Forbes is close on their heels, and fires shots at them. Instead of shooting Damon, she shoots Jeremy square in the chest.

Caroline, Bonnie, and recently freed Alaric rush onto the scene. Sheriff Forbes watches Caroline sprout fangs to save him with her blood. When that doesn’t work, Bonnie tries a spell.

But, Bonnie pissed off the witches earlier asking for Damon’s cure, and now they think she’s abusing her powers. After watching her nose bleed for half the episode, Jeremy is brought back to life. But, like when Jon died last week, there’s always a consequence for coming back from the dead.

Jeremy, back in the land of the living, begins having hallucinations of the dead. First he sees Vicki Donovan, then Anna.

Could this mean we might see Jenna sometime in season three? Or Elena and Jeremy’s parents?

Oh the possibilities!

Caroline finally made things right with her mother. But as we saw, the Forbes are on Mrs. Lockwood’s hit-list for the vampire situation.

Is this a Romeo and Juliet situation brewing between the two founding families?

Oh the possibilities!

Damon, ready to accept his fate, lies with Elena until the end comes. But no before apologizing to her for everything, and a very sweet and willing kiss from Elena. But Katherine sees everything when she delivers the cure from Klaus.

After letting them know that Stefan and Klaus are taking an extended vacation, and that Elena clearly doesn’t seem to miss him, Katherine gives her some advice:

“It’s okay to love both of them. I did.”

Are Damon and Elena finally going to get together as they try and find Stefan? Imagine that awkward reunion!

Oh the possibilities!

I can’t wait for season 3!! September 2011 here I come!


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