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TVD Episode 5: The Bad Guys Won?

October 20th, 2011

Let’s see. Klaus got himself a hybrid. Point. Stefan attacked Elena, which made Rebecca happy. Point. Katherine got information on who was tracking Klaus. Point. Klaus stole a bunch of Elena’s blood to make more hybrids. Point.

And the good guys? Bonnie couldn’t find any spells to stop Klaus or break the hybrid spell. Rebecca killed Tyler in front of Caroline. Damon left Elena and the others without a protector. Jeremy was kidnapped. Matt drowned himself.

It definitely sucked to be a good guy in Mystic Falls last week. If you missed it, relive the victory of the baddies HERE then read on for what you need to know about The Vampire Diaries.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Klaus came back to Mystic Falls. Why? Stefan sucks at lying. Klaus finds out Elena is still alive and pranking a bunch of high school students. He swoops in and pulls a prank of his own. If Bonnie can’t find out why his hybrids are dying, he’s going to have Stefan rip Elena to pieces.

And just because they want to give Bonnie that extra incentive, they kill Tyler and turn him into a hybrid. If she can’t find a solution, Tyler dies.

The solution is Elena’s blood. Turns out Elena had to die to break the curse, but her blood was needed to make more hybrids. Since her death would make that impossible, Klaus was supposed to be alone forever.

In short, her friends saving her life has now ‘effed up their lives big time.

Matt gets some creepy messages from Vicki, and decides she might have an answer to this. He drowns himself and is all “sixth sense” now. Vicki’s message re-enforces Elena has to die, which makes Klaus do the opposite.

He gives Tyler his blood and voila! Hybrid number 2 is born.

But that’s not the only thing Klaus accomplished. He compelled away Stefan’s humanity and made him attack Elena. Like attack attack her and land her in a hospital. And of course Klaus helped himself to a few million pints of her blood for this future, master race.

On the other front, a kidnapped Jeremy can see his dead girlfriend Anna. Anna knows who’s chasing Klaus and Rebecca, and leads Katherine to a mysterious man named Michael. A very powerful and old vampire Katherine’s now awakened.

When Damon ditches Katherine and makes it back to Mystic Falls to find out all the ish that went down…he realizes he should have been there. And so does Elena.

Just as they’re having the moment we’ve all been waiting for…Stefan walks in. While Klaus is out making his hybrids, it’s Stefan’s job to watch the doppelganger. And he doesn’t care if Damon and Elena have sex in front of him. He’s done with her. For good.


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