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TVD Episode 6: Elena, The Vampire Slayer. But With Booze.

October 26th, 2011

Yes, that was Elena’s master plan. Become the ultimate vampire-slaying machine like Buffy…and then get drunk like a fish at a party and almost die.

Hey, her plan worked!

But let’s face it – it’s TVD so it all came apart in the end ’cause that’s how this show rolls. Find out what went wrong HERE, and why we hate ghosts (even more than the fact they’re spooky).

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Stefan’s very powerful AND very psychotic now. Unfortunately his new superpowers include being annoying, stalker-ish and destroying vases for fun.

See, very powerful. On the plus side…he’s like waaaaaaaay hotter when he’s evil IMHO.

Elena, as Alaric and Damon have pointed out, is very puny-armed. After channeling her inner Buffy (and an even older reference, Xena Warrior Princess – waytago Damon!) she decides she has what it takes to take down Stefan.

Her plan: bag and tag Stefan long enough for Katherine to unleash a vampire hunter (Michael, the vampire slayer) and take down Klaus. They believe Stefan’s compulsion will wear off after and he’ll be good as new.

What they didn’t count on was the fact Matt Donovan is now a loner and needs friends. Or ghost friends like Vicki.

‘Cause that’s so much more normal.

Vicki teases Matt senior year doesn’t have to suck as long as he cuts his hand open, performs some amateurish voodoo/witchcraft spell and bring his dead sister back to life.

So he does it because he really is a loner now (come one Jeremy, you need to check up on your boy from time to time) and wham, bam thank you ma’am we’ve got Vicki back. Except she didn’t tell Matt the tiny disclaimer on her return.

Since her new ghost BFF AKA The Original Witch told her how to return to the living, she has to restore the balance in return. Klaus disrupted the balance by becoming a hybrid, so Vicki has to make sure he can’t make anymore.

This is also known as Mission: Kill Elena. Which she almost does by lighting her car on fire and incinerating her to bits.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a kegger in the woods I’m leaving out.

They’re seniors, so they’re gonna party like its going outta style every episode. During this kegger, Damon distracts Rebekah with, what else, his raw sexiness and Elena gets smashed to the point she’s suicidal.

And she almost goes off the deep end. She jumps off the school’s bleachers and falls into the open arms of Stefan.

But there’s no time to enjoy this sweet moment as Alaric pops up and pumps Stefan full of vervain.

Rebekah grows bored and impales Damon’s sexiness on a stick. But you know who’s turning Rebekah’s pages all of a sudden. Hybrid Tyler. She tempts him with human bait he totally goes for. He just has to make sure Caroline doesn’t find out…

Vicki’s car bombing trick also fails as Stefan again saves Elena from danger. So I guess there is something worth saving in Stefan.

But their plan to lock him up is ruined, and he lets them know it. So Elena does the one thing she can do – stabs him in the stomach just for fun so he knows she’s not taking his crap anymore.

All’s well that ends well and Stefan goes back to breaking vases in the Salvatore mansion, pissing off Damon even more. Except it’s not Damon. It’s Mason Lockwood. Who’s dead.

I think Matt took a wrong turn with his amateur voodoo/witchcraft cause I think all they ghosts of Mystic Falls are coming back to life!

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