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TVD Episode 7: Masquerade! Every Face A Different Shade…

November 1st, 2010

Best. Episode. Ever! Perfect for Hallowe’en. Perfect for the Stefan-Damon-Katherine-Elena love square. Perfect for Bonnie. Perfect for Jeremy. Perfect for…well, you get the idea. Every character had their storyline move forward (and sometimes not for the better). It was deadly, fun, and shocking in all the right ways!

If you missed the action, watch it HERE.

It’s time for the Mystic Falls Masquerade Ball at the luxurious Lockwood Mansion. Everyone in town is going…except for Alaric, Jenna and Elena; which would have been fine if Elena wasn’t bored at home and called Bonnie…who wasn’t home. Caroline’s not home either. And Stefan’s not answering. Even Jeremy, who hates formal parties, went out for the night.

Elena’s spidey sense is tingling – something’s up! Wouldn’t you want to be in on a huge revenge plot with your friends?

A new Scooby gang for 2010 (Damon, Stefan, Alaric, Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline) have decided Katherine has to die. Hurting Jenna was the last straw. Their plan is to trap her at the ball (telling her they’ll hand over the moonstone) and then kill her.

Easy-peezy, right? Should they have involved Elena too?

But Katherine ain’t no fool and brings her own back-up: the witch Lucy, a long-lost cousin of Bonnie Bennett. Plus Katherine has her whole murderous rage thing going…so that’s a weapon too. She kills an innocent girl within seconds of arriving at the ball just to show Stefan and Co. she’s ready for anything.

Have I mentioned Katherine’s totally evil?

Bonnie and Caroline succeed in trapping Katherine in a bedroom where Stefan and Damon are waiting to finish her off. But Lucy the witch has a trick up her sleeve: everything they do to Katherine happens to Elena as well!

Did you see that coming? Talk about a good twist!

So now we have Elena bleeding to death after multiple stakings and Jeremy has to run up and tell the Salvatores to stop. Bonnie knows this is the work of a witch and confronts Lucy. Together, they decide to stop Katherine and trap her back in church tomb. Lucy was indebted to Katherine and apologized for her role in all this.

See, she wasn’t all bad after all? Do you guys want to see more of Lucy in Mystic Falls?

Meanwhile, Katherine’s other plan wasn’t foiled and she got herself a werewolf in Tyler Lockwood. No one knew she’d compelled Matt into fighting Tyler last week. But instead of killing Matt, Tyler killed another innocent girl at the party. Good thing Caroline was on hand to cover everything up.

But what’s done is done and on the next full moon Tyler’s gonna get real hairy! What do you think? Was it too soon to turn him? Can’t wait to see him as a werewolf?

And finally, we get some more information on Katherine’s plan. Stefan figures out how Katherine managed to escape being imprisoned in the tomb in 1864: she gave George Lockwood the moonstone. So now she wants it back. The twist is why she wants it back: it wasn’t hers to give in the first place. But since everyone thought Katherine was dead, she gave the moonstone away and escaped the consequences.

After Damon opened the tomb and freed the other vamps last year Katherine’s plan went down the drain and she needs the moonstone back before its rightful owners find her.

But no one listens to Katherine and Damon throws her back in the tomb to rot in hell. Bonnie casts a spell to trap her there forever and leaves with Jeremy in a surprising twist: I smell a romance brewing between Elena’s BFF and little bro!

Do you guys want to see Bonnie and Jeremy get together? They make such a cute couple!

Katherine manages to scream Elena’s in danger – that’s why Katherine hasn’t killed her yet. And of course the episode ends as someone in a mask kidnaps Elena from the party.

Who do you think is after Katherine? Will Nina Dobrev have to play Elena playing Katherine? That’s to many doppelgangers for me!

Check out a sneak peek from next week’s episode, “Rose“.


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