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UFC 2009 – Undisputed Review

May 20th, 2009

UFC Undisputed Canadian Cover

If you follow the UFC then you know that UFC 2009 – Undisputed was released yesterday. And since the demo was released about a month ago you’ve probably had enough practice that you’re ready to start a career as an UFC fighter. The first thing I did yesterday when I picked up the game was create my own fighter and start my career.

The cool thing about starting the career mode is how you fight right off the bat with no training & no sparring to get prepared for the fight. This caught me a bit off guard and as a result I was knocked out in the third round. Prior to the launch of the demo, a lot of gaming sites were really focusing in on how great the game handles the different abilities of each fighter. That was noticeable in the demo with two different fighters and different fighting styles. And it was only more noticeable now that I played with a fighter that had virtually no fighting style and very inexperienced.

When you’re creating your own fighter you are asked what type of fighter you want and in what weight class. I assumed that the fighter would have some experience in the specific style you chose but he doesn’t. You have to train and increase the abilities of your fighter in between fights.

The realism is not only to the style and techniques of the fighters but also to the way one would increase and get better as a fighter.

As your career moves along you need to build up your strength, cardio and over fitness so that you can move up the rankings and get that title shot that you know you deserve. So far I’ve noticed that your fighter has about 7-10 weeks before a fight unless you get asked to fill in for someone and take the fight with short notice. The weeks prior to your fight you need to build up on your strength, cardio and of course your fighting abilities.

Each week you can tell your fighter to spar, increase his strength, cardio and fitness, thus making him a better fighter. As you do one of these actions your overall stamina will decrease, and when that occurs you need to give your fighter a rest that way he can regain his stamina and be ready for the fight.

After each fight you earn credits that will unlock certain features. If you are victorious in your bouts you earn credits for the win, for signing the fight and for awards that are given out to best fight & knock-out of the night. Once you earn enough credits you start to notice that more and more sponsors are available to add to your collection on your trunks. Another cool thing that happens when you get more credits is that you are given the chance to train with a certain fighter/coach who is specialized in a certain MMA discipline and helps you increase you strength in that discipline. This is great because it shows you how to perform the action and after you are comfortable with the actions with have to perform as many as you can in a 5 minute fight. Once the fight is over you are awarded points depending on how many actions you successfully completed in the 5 minute bout that can be used towards increasing your fighter’s abilities and strengths.

Not only is the game play amazingly real but the graphics are incredible. There was one point during one of my fights that I kept kicking my opponent and his skin actually started to bruise! There was also another time where one of the fighters I was fighting with was bleeding and some dropped on the opponent and you could see the blood drip down the chest. It’s amazing how real it looks. Check out the gallery below to see what I mean.

Overall the game is great and totally worth the wait. If you are a fan of the UFC, you will truly enjoy this game. Not only is it fun to play and watch but it also makes you feel like you are actually fighting because you have to think of what the best way us to beat your opponent. If you have picked up UFC Undisputed let me know what you think. Enjoy!

PS: UFC 2009 – Undisputed is available on both XBOX 360 & Playstation 3

UFC 2009 Undisputed

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