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Video on Trial’s Ed The Sock socks it to some classics

March 12th, 2013


We got Video on Trial juror Ed The Sock to give us the low down on this week’s episode of VOT. You ready to laugh your pants off? Or… socks off? Sorry, had to. Also, some of these video be sizzlin’ so viewer discretion is advised! Let’s do this!

S Club 7, S Club Party

“There aint no party like an S Club Party”? Because gatherings that are lame aren’t classified as parties

Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy, “What’s Up With You?”

You can tell when the video was recorded by how much cartilage Jacko still had in his nose and sadly when people ask Eddie this now, his answer is “nothing”.

Guns’n’Roses, November Rain

This video starts with slow shots of religious imagery to let us know its deep & meaningful, so they can follow it with any s— they want and claim it’s art.

Gillette, Short Short Man

I don’t understand the desire to have a giant penis. You can’t park a stretch limo in a one-car garage.

Color Me Badd, I Want to Sex You Up

The guys in this video act the way teenage boys picture themselves when masturbating. Never in history has the line “I want to sex you up,” been followed by anything but a knee to the groin.

Check Ed The Sock out on Twitter @EdTheSock and visit Ed’s site for updates! Ed will be on New.Music.Live. tomorrow at 6E/3P to talk with the VJs. And don’t forget to watch Video on Trial Wednesdays at 8:30E/5:30P right here on MUCH.

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