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Viva Forever bring Spice Girls back together

June 26th, 2012

Let us give you two factoids that will blow your mind whole. First, it was sixteen years ago today that the Spice Girl’s most famous track Wannabe was unleashed on the world. Yep, for sixteen years we have been “Zigga-zig-ah”-ing (is your brain melted yet?). Secondly, the Spice Girls reunited today in London to unveil their new musical Viva Forever, based around their music. Much like in the same vein of American Idiot, Mamma Mia, or the film Across The Universe, Viva Forever will follow the storyline of a girl named Viva as she struggles through a talent competition, debating the idea of moving forward in the contest within the group she entered with or move on and face the judges solo. Sounds very much like Dream Girls!

Either way, we’re excited to see a resurgence for the Spice Girls! Would you want to watch Viva Forever? Let us know in the comments section below. In the mean time, watch Wannabe here.

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