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VJ 2.0 Finale Week: Day 2

December 2nd, 2009

walk, walk, fashion baby

A hoy hoy, Much-Mateys!

It’s your girl O’Nizzle here again with the latest on the VJ 2.0 front. With only 3 days left in the competition, things are getting spicy up in here. Can you believe that on Friday MuchMusic is going to have a brand new VJ? Can you? Can you BELIEVE it?! Duhhhh, of course you can, because it’s actually happening – it’s not like I’m talking about unicorns here. (Just so you know, Unicorns are fictitious mythological creatures. It took me 14 years of life to realize that. Don’t judge.)

As much fun as it is to watch MOD being filmed live (the whole straight-to-air, “anything can happen” element is pretty exciting), I would argue that rehearsal time before the show begins is just as entertaining – if not more so.

Today, as the MuchMusic crew was testing out all of that technical behind the scenes junk and getting ready to blow your mind in the way that ONLY MuchMusic can, an impromptu dance party busted out in the audience.

It started discreetly enough – one curly haired kid bopping along to “TiK ToK” (you know, that wildly infectious Ke$hia track that you’ve had stuck in your head for like, 5 days straight). The next thing I know, there’s a girl winding and grinding in the middle of the floor like she’s Kelis or something. I don’t think she realized that the cameras weren’t on yet, ‘cause she was staring at the lens like it was Brad Pitt covered in mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Brad Pitt covered in mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Brad Pitt, covered in mint chocolate-chip ice cream… sorry – where was I? Oh yeah, the dancing girl. It was around the time she started to drop it low that our boys Marlon and Laith decided to jump in on the action – much to baby Beyonce’s delight.

No stranger to getting her groove on, Liz took to the floor and proved once and for all that white girls CAN dance. I was almost tempted to hit the floor myself and wow the crowd with my badass moves… until I remembered that I don’t actually have any moves, unless the Macarena counts?

But back to women who CAN dance – we were lucky enough to have not one, but TWO gorgeous entertainers on the show today: Kreesha Turner and Elise Estrada! *cheers from the crowd*

I’m not just saying this just in case they’re reading (though, of course, I know they are – all the cool kids read Red Hot Much, right?), but they’re even prettier in person than they are in their music videos, if that’s possible. Our 2 remaining male VJ contestants couldn’t agree more. Marlon actually wanted to make sure that all of you out there in the blog-o-verse know exactly how he feels: “Kreesha is hot. Very, very hot,” he said. “Make sure you write that I said that on the blog!” Laith echoed his sentiment: “Kreesha Turner… Oh my goodness, the Lord is good!”

If you were watching the show, you’ll know that our VJ finalists got to test out their interviewing chops with the two lovely starlets. They rocked the challenge like pros, of course. Like Elise told me later “They’ve obviously all made it this far for a reason.”

So who does Ms. Estrada have pegged to win? “Any of them would be great. They’re all so adorable!” she said, artfully dodging my prodding journalistic inquiries. I did get her to admit that Marlon was cute, though. “He was a good interviewer – he listened to what I had to say and responded… I liked him.”

Later in the show, Laith, Marlon, Liz and Alli faced off in a pop culture trivia challenge. Liz was off to an early lead, but Marlon took it home in the end. Win or lose, they all played a solid game – despite the multiple disqualifications for buzzing in too early (MuchMusic trivia contest FAIL! Come on guys – this isn’t Jeopardy!).

All in all, it was another wicked day @ MuchMusic and eh eh EHHH, Guess what? It’s time for…


* Seeing all of the VJs sport red ribbons for World AIDS day. Very cool.

* Talking to brand manager Zack about the prospect of scoring me some free Doritos. Apparently, he’s got boxes of them stashed in this building somewhere. Did I mention that he’s my new bestie?

* Liz and Marlon slow dancing Grade 6 style during a commercial break. Awww…

* Marlon attempting to twirl Liz during said slow dance and busting his arm in the process. “My arm will never be the same again!” he cried. Am I mean to think that this is funny?

* Watching Tim and the VJ contestants lead the entire audience through the dance from Lady Ga Ga’s ‘Bad Romance’ video. It was like watching MJ’s Thriller live – but with more teenagers and less zombies.

C’est tout, mon amis! Until tomorrow,

MUCH Love <3

Cheek to cheek.

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