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VJ Mentor Scott shares his thoughts on the talent show

April 17th, 2013


When I first heard that the VJ Hopefuls were going to be putting on a talent show for us mentors and Canada, a train-wreck was the only scene I could envision. It’s a lot to ask after all. Think about it, if someone asked you to showcase your secret talent on the spot would you shine or fade? But what we saw from the hopefuls was the fact that these 10 are performers! And that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

Kyle did a killer bass solo. When he played to Billy Jean everyone in the audience wanted to get funky. He never stops surprising me. Think of the change he has made since day one and really it’s only been two weeks. He showed his music side yesterday and that was something I think Canada was pleased to see it.


JT knows music. Fact. But did you think he was going to bring out the inner Ludvig Van Beethoven on ya? What I saw yesterday just solidifies his musical knowledge. Piano is one of the hardest instruments to play and he did a medley with ease. Plus did you notice how he narrated the whole thing? In opinion his was the real talent.


Chloe’s talent was awesome to watch. She engaged the audience, rocked with the beat and had fun doing it. And in case you thought she was only going to crack the board in half….Ka-Blow! She knocked a chunk right off. I think she should have won.


A quick shoutout has to go to Boe. After being eliminated she showed the courage that we all knew she had. Plus her voice was amazing. Well done Boe.


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