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VMAs: One day at a time

September 5th, 2008

From saving hands to Paris death stares … it all happened on day 2 at the VMAs


We start off the day with a media pass pick-up and a hike through the Paramount Studios lot. Ever been to Universal Studios? You know, the theme parks in LA and Orlando? It’s like that, but with more whizzing golf carts and tattooed grips than you can imagine.

First up? Paramore. Now, I’ve said before that I am not their #1 fan, and think they are more Pop than Rock, but I have officially eaten my words today. I loves them! From their cutesy knitted caps to Hailey’s retro jelly shoes and rolled-up skinny jeans … i am like a deer in headlights with their sweet smiles and down-right nicey-niceness


On to a Paris Hilton. The gal is am amazon! Honestly, she may take the most amazing pics (no matter what angle we took, she looked bloody flawless) but I could hitch a ride on those feet! Giiii-normous! You know what they say about girls with big feet … well anyway …


Move over high-school flashbacks, and helloooooooo boys! It’s Chester Beddington and Joe Hahn from Linkin Park. Mmmmmmm. How pleasantly surprised I am that Chester is just as dreamy in person as on stage. I just know under those shades that he’s looking right into my eyes. Yes, that’s it.


And then there was T-Pain. Another master promoter. The man was looooooooooooooooaaaaaded. His cute little Louis Vutton knapsack was carrying more than just a Gucci wallet and gold tooth shiner. Shhhh – I think it was filled with Patron. I can’t wait to see what he does on the red carpet on Sunday.



T-Pain RockBand Superstar:

Fatman Scoop Sings Bon Jovi:

Paris Hilton chaos:

Behind the scenes image gallery:

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