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VPotW Double Whammy: Paper Route versus M83

May 26th, 2009

I knooooow you’re probably busy procrastinating doing that French assignment (you always are). But today I’m calling into question TWO of the videos from The Wedge Playlist in hopes to draw attention to a very important point: not everyone equally enjoys party times. Yes, you nod wisely, that is a very important point.

So hear (read) this: The video for Paper Route‘s song “Carousel” seems to bear some really strange similarities to M83‘s video for We Own the Sky“. In fact, if I didn’t know they were made around the same time, I’d be willing to put a lot of money ($10 max) on the Paper Route effort being a sort of… how do the kids say… tribute video.

Compare the evidence: Paper Route vs. M83.

Now tell me which of these most closely explains what’s going on:

a) Carousel is what happens when We Own the Sky goes wrong.
b) Carousel actually precedes We Own the Sky, and Paper Route is the cause of the disturbance.
c) M83 has altered the universe, and Paper Route are just taking advantage of the chaos to rock out.
d) An accident at the Hewlett Packard factory results in monsters.
e) War of the Worlds: Return of the King. Yeah, you heard me.
f) All of the above.
g) None of the above. Jessica, you so crazy.

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