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Watch a clip of Drake getting Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher

June 1st, 2012

In one of the most famous episodes of Punk’d, host Ashton Kutcher set up an elaborate scene around Justin Timberlake’s home, pretending that the singer was having all of his possessions repossessed as a result of unpaid taxes. In the world of Punk’d, the bigger the star, the bigger the prank. So when Kutcher, still executive producer of the revamped reality show, decided it was time to get Drake, one of the world’s biggest artists, he went big. Vice-presidential-earthquake big.

US Weekly has posted a clip from Drake’s upcoming episode of Punk’d, showing the rapper arriving at an undisclosed location to meet with US Vice President Joe Biden (huh?), and instead finds himself in the middle of an earthquake. Terror, confusion and a lot of bleeped swearing ensues. I love Punk’d.

Drake’s episode of Punk’d airs at a special time this Sunday at 8 pm ET before the MTV Movie Awards on MTV Canada.


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