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Watch Damian try and sell his bobblehead on The Wedge tonight!

January 9th, 2013

Over the years in my band (Fucked Up) I have seen my face pop up in some weird places: bootleg stickers in Mexico, a belt advertisement in the Czech Republic… but the coolest place my ugly mug has shown up on is a bobblehead!!!!!!!! Tonight on the show we have a weird infomercial for the bobblehead in question that we found on the internet! Don’t worry though we also have amazing music on the show as well, including an appearance by my friend Ben Cook of Yacht Club. But don’t think this is the first time the world of indie and infomercial have mixed….

Matador Records did this awesome parody of infomercials for a VHS tape compilation of the videos they had made for some of their artists. WATCH THIS!!!!!

And Nick Flanagan (former Wedge guest, ex-lead singer of Brutal Knights and Teen Crud Combo and comedian) was in a commercial with infamous infomercial huckster, Vince Offer (probably not his birth

The Wedge airs every Wednesday on MuchMusic at 11:30 PM EST. Follow us on Twitter at @MUCHTheWedge.

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