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Watch Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don`t Answer Anymore) by The Danger Bees

January 18th, 2013

For all my fellow Weezer fans that are still longing for days of the Blue album, fear not. The Danger Bees are here to fill the void left by Rivers Cuomo and company with their blend of self-deprecating pop-rock music. Their latest music video for Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don`t Answer Anymore) features a story line summarized on the band’s YouTube page as “Jealous Kids Murder Band”. Succinct and correct.

The Danger Bees front man David Macmichael explains the inspiration behind the track Standing Still, the first single from the group’s new album Wyatt, saying “The song Standing Still is more or less a summary of many topics I’ve touched on over my career as a writer – girls who won’t take my calls, pills which don’t cure my anxiety, a shut-in attitude that leads to my dwindling health, my panic and worry that I won’t ever be able to fix anything or have anything go right. I wish I could say it was a special kind of emotional breakdown I was having the day I wrote it, but the sad truth is that it was just like any other day.”

Gruesome and hilarious, the The Danger Bees latest video takes an ordinary suburban birthday party and turns it into an adaptation of Lord of the Flies. Check out The Danger Bees in their video for Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don`t Answer Anymore) off their new album Wyatt.

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